June 29, 2017
Ohio Woman Arrested For Eating Pizza While Driving Naked

An Ohio woman is making headlines this week because she was arrested while combining her love of greasy food with the freedom of shedding one's clothes. ABC Action News reports that 24-year-old Alexandria Mauer was busted after a night of drinking and other shenanigans that she'll likely have a hard time living down, thanks to news reports and social media.

Police in Westlake, Ohio first encountered Mauer after midnight on Saturday night, after receiving calls from witnesses who claimed to see the woman naked in a parking lot. She and a man were reportedly seen standing naked outside of a vehicle. When police caught up with Mauer, she was driving her car naked while eating a slice of pizza. In the passenger seat was Kenneth Gillespie, a 33-year-old man who was also naked. The Ohio couple were arrested and released.

NBC News 3 reports that the couple was later arrested a second time, approximately an hour after they were spotted driving around naked. This time, the Ohio woman was clothed and on foot, but had gotten into an argument with someone who was driving her around at this point. Police had to arrest her for public intoxication and disorderly conduct for a second time. Meanwhile, Kenneth Gillespie was charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct while intoxicated after he urinated in the back of the police cruiser.

This isn't the first time an Ohio woman has brought attention to herself in bizarre or less than becoming manner. Just this year a Middletown woman was cited for smuggling heroin in her vagina. Last year a woman from the same state decided she was going to change her name to "Sexy," but she reportedly said she'd settle for "Sparkle." Ohio has produced a laundry list of strange crimes and criminals, much like stories from Florida which come with taglines "Florida man," or "Florida woman" on social media.

One of the best "Ohio man" stories to go viral on the internet involves the arrest of Andrew Dale Marcum. Marcum thought it'd be wise to comment on a Facebook post shared by the Butler County Sheriff. That photo happened to be a "wanted" photo with him as the subject. His cockiness overrode his intelligence in this incident, because authorities tracked him down using his post and then arrested him. The sheriff then took to social media to poke fun at him.

Who do you think had a more bizarre arrest -- Andrew Marcum or Alexandria Mauer?

Photo: Westlake Police Dept. mugshots