June 29, 2017
Kate Upton In Swimsuit For Bobbi Brown: Ad Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans, Swimsuit Too Skimpy?

Kate Upton wore a swimsuit in her latest Bobbi Brown ad, and it's getting mixed reviews online.

According to The SpreadIt, the 24-year-old supermodel was spilling out of a blue-hued bikini top for the Bobbi Brown "Sandy Nudes Collection." Upton was done up in the new Bobbi Brown cosmetics colors and had her hair sort of slicked back, like she had just been at the beach -- which was quite appropriate, given the name of the collection.

"It's really inspirational to see a woman who feels so good and so confident. You do what you feel and you don't follow anyone's rule. You are not like anyone else, you are completely individual and independent," said Bobbi Brown, a mother of three.

"Everything is about the inner beauty. Bobbi possess that in her brand. Coming from you, that's pretty amazing. Definitely my mom gave me a lot of confidence," Kate said in response.

Kate Upton's swimsuit for Bobbi Brown is being called "too skimpy" by some social media users. Since the ad is for makeup, some feel that the cleavage in the photo is too much, and really unnecessary. It seems as though Kate's assets are used in every gig that she gets, and while there's no denying that she is a pretty girl, some people just aren't into her. Of course, there are plenty of others that think Kate looks lovely, and have offered lots of praise for her new swimsuit pics.

According to NewsOXY, the new makeup collection is called the "epitome of easy summer beauty." This mark's Kate Upton's third campaign with the brand.

Aside from Kate Upton's swimsuit look for Bobbi Brown, she has also been getting praise for something else... eating a burger. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Carl's Jr. CEO Andy Pudzer, 65, recently said that Upton is so much sexier than Kim Kardashian... at least when it comes to eating burgers in a provocative manner.

"Kim really couldn't eat the burgers. Luckily, we had a salad we were promoting, so we used Kim in the salad ad. But if we had not been promoting a salad, we probably never would've done an ad with Kim, because she wasn't good at eating the burger. She's too tiny. She's really little," Pudzer said.


[Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images]