June 29, 2017
Ted Nugent Has Some Advice For The 2015 Graduating Class

Controversial rock guitarist Ted Nugent has come up with 13 recommendations for members of the graduating class of 2015 who have just walked across the stage to receive their college diplomas.

Nugent is an outspoken foe of President Obama, most recently accusing him of culpability for the epidemic of veterans suicides, and a strong advocate of gun rights under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

In an essay posted at The Daily Caller, the Motor City Madman called upon college graduates to reject the victim culture and other forms of political correctness and peer pressure that in his view has become prevalent on campus and instead take personal responsibility for their own success.

"We welcome you all to the unlimited American Dream production zone where your pursuit of happiness and success is now in your hands and your hands alone," he contended.

Nugent also warned against expecting the government to create jobs, and separately advocated clean-and-sober partying.

Nugent's editorial included the following admonitions that generally centered on self reliance.

  • "Life is not fair. Get used to it.
  • Social justice is a commie scam. Read the drivel of Saul Alinsky and fight it with all you've got.
  • Nobody owes you jacksquat. You will either earn your own way, or feel like a helpless leech. There is no middle ground.
  • Economic equality is for sheep. If you really believe we are all equal in our capabilities you will go nowhere.
  • The minimum wage is for minimum wage earners. If you believe you are worth more, go get it. Show by your productivity and professionalism that you are better than minimum. Upgrade awaits upgraders."
On the opposite end of the ideological spectrum from Ted Nugent but nonetheless perhaps along roughly similar philosophical lines, Oscar winner Robert De Niro bluntly informed graduates of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts that "you're f***ed" and to prepare for a lifetime of hard work and rejection in that highly competitive field.

In a commencement address earlier this month, A-lister Matthew McConaughey, another Oscar winner, similarly told University of Houston graduates that "Life's not fair. It never was, isn't now and won't ever be. Do not fall into the entitled trap of feeling like you're a victim. You are not."

According to Bloomberg Business, some portion of the millennial cohort is bypassing college in favor of getting a job, while most high school graduates still follow the traditional direct-to-college path. "College enrollment in the spring semester dropped 2 percent from the year before, to 18.6 million, according to a report being released [May 14] by the nonprofit National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. The steepest drop was among students in their mid-20s and older who are re-entering the workforce... While more working adults are shunning higher education, enrollment of traditional students who go to college fresh out of high school was unchanged."

Do you agree or disagree with Ted Nugent's advice for 2015 college graduates?

[Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment]