June 29, 2017
Kim Richards Loses Dog Attack Lawsuit: $8,000 Owed To Woman After Dog Attack, Appeal Coming

Kim Richards loses a dog attack lawsuit, and now she finds herself owing $8,000. According to the SpreadIt, Kim was sued by an 80-year-old woman named Kay Rozario after Kim's pit bull, Kingsley, attacked her. Rozario filed a lawsuit in order to have her medical bills paid for. Of course, she sued for more money than just her bills -- she sued for "distress" also -- and Kim is now required to pay up.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star wasn't the only one Rozario sued. She is seeing $1 million from Richards, Bravo and Evolution Media collectively.

"Rozario also claimed that she was depressed after being attacked and needed multiple therapy sessions to overcome the traumatic incident. Court documents showed that Richards failed to call 911 after the incident and had asked Rozario to keep the matter private."

News that Kim Richards lost the dog attack lawsuit isn't all that surprising. However, since Rozario wasn't awarded all of the money she requested, her attorney says that he will be filing an appeal on behalf of his client.

"We are going to appeal this decision based on several factors. Kim Richards did not make an appearance. Also, she did not contest the case, nor did she go in front of a jury to defend herself. Kim simply chose not to participate. She is also disappointed that she did not get her day in court with Kim, which is what she wanted so badly," attorney Bill Zuhdi said.

According to the Indy Channel, Richards is in a whole mess of trouble. The star has fallen off the sober train, going back to alcohol after being clear for the past couple of years. She was involved in an altercation last month that landed her behind bars. She has since been charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, and battery after she allegedly kicked a police officer in Los Angeles.

Kim Richards losing this dog attack lawsuit is just the brink of what's to come. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Richards faces jail time for the charges listed above. She was advised to go to rehab -- which she did -- in hopes of a judge being lenient on her if she seeks professional help and shows remorse for her actions.

"Kim went to rehab finally because she got arrested, she humiliated her kids and she wants to avoid jail. If the arrest hadn't happened she wouldn't be going to rehab; it would be business as usual. She's in denial that she has a problem," shared a source.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]