June 29, 2017
Salesman Who Harassed Potential Customer With Up To 33 Calls A Day Gets Police Warning

When it comes to aggressive salesmen, none are more notorious than those of the double glazing variety, a creed of salesperson who are known the world over for their persistence and determination to make the sale.

However, one man, Mr. Hussain from Bristol in the U.K., seems to have taken this year's award for the "Most Pushy Salesperson," having harassed potential customers to the point that they reported him to the police.

One example of a harassed customer is 35-year-old Wayne Donnelly, also from Bristol, who reported the over-keen salesman to the cops after he called him 33 times on the phone in just one day.

Hussein lost his job as a result of the harassment, and was issued with a Harassment Warning notice by the police.

As Donnelly explained to reporters, "It feels like they try to bully people into getting new windows and they cannot allow their staff to treat people like that. I had arranged for them to come around and give me a quote -- they had recently done a really good job of my parents' house so I thought I'd get the same treatment, He (the salesman) didn't have a good attitude and he seemed to challenge me every time I asked a question."

After Donnelly was given a quote of around $13,000, Hussein proceeded to drop the price to a mere $6,000 for the whole job. Nevertheless, it was still too pricey for Donnelly, who added, "I said immediately that it was still out of my budget as I'm having other work done on the house at the moment."

The salesman seemed to ignore what he was being told and began to write up a contract there and then for Donnelly, "I told him to pack his stuff up and get out of my house," he said.

After a few weeks passed, Donnelly said he began receiving a bunch of calls on his mobile phone from an anonymous number.

As he explained, "It might not sound like much but it adds up and I have my own business, it was such a nuisance. No one would speak on the calls, it would just be silence and then they would hang up, I didn't click as to who it was at first. Then on February the 8, it was a Sunday, I went shopping with my girlfriend. From leaving the checkouts to driving home, about six miles, I had 13 missed calls."

The company who Hussein worked for at the time, Safestyle U.K., said the following in a statement.

"We have since sent a Surveyor to visit Mr and Mrs Donnelly at their request and we are in the process of pricing the products they would like so that we can offer those at a specially reduced rate in recognition of their experience. The behaviour of Mr Hussain, as highlighted by Mr Donnelly, was entirely unacceptable and inappropriate and is not tolerated by Safestyle UK. As a result, Mr Hussain's agency agreement has been terminated."
[Image credit: Inc]