December 25, 2017
Mexican Man Found Abandoned Baby By The Side Of The Road, Plans To Adopt Her

A Mexican man has reportedly found an abandoned baby by the side of the road, and plans to adopt her, the Independent is reporting.

Raul Marin Ceja was on his way to work on Saturday in the Mexican state of Jalisco when he found the baby lying on the ground near a canal. The baby was wrapped in a filthy cloth.

Ceja recorded video of himself unwrapping the baby -- who still had parts of her umbilical cord attached to her -- and posted it to social media. For reasons that are unclear as of this post, however, Ceja took the video down, but not before another user posted in on YouTube.

In the video, you can hear the baby crying, and Mr. Ceja is visibly upset.

Mr. Ceja called emergency services, who took the newborn baby to an area hospital, where she's expected to make a full recovery.

Omar Carrillo, a spokesperson for the Zapopan police, confirmed that the baby was found at about 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.

The man who found the baby said he plans to adopt her.

According to Anahuac University School of Law, it's perfectly legal for a single man to adopt a foundling in the Mexican state of Jalisco, provided he is over 25-years-old and is physically, mentally, and financially capable of caring for the child. In fact, the Mexican government makes it easier for abandoned babies and children to be adopted than other governments.

"Under current law, the primary goal of adoption is to provide a home and a normal life to orphaned or abandoned children... Unlike other countries, the requirements to adopt in Mexico are quite accessible."

Unfortunately, several stories of unwanted children being abandoned or otherwise disposed of have made the news in the past several days. In Thailand, an abandoned newborn baby was found in a garbage bin, about to be eaten by stray dogs, before another stray guarded the baby until help could arrive. In Nebraska, a man found a baby wearing nothing but a dirty diaper in a dumpster. In Ohio, a woman was arrested after trying to sell her baby -- twice -- to a stranger for $500. In Brazil, a woman gave birth in a bathroom, only to abandon the child on the street in a crime caught on surveillance video.

Fortunately, in all of the above cases, the children were taken to safety and are expected to be OK.

As of this post, police have not identified any information about the mother who gave birth to the Mexican baby found by a man walking to work.

[Image courtesy of YouTube]