June 29, 2017
Rihanna Unveils First Puma Ad As 'American Oxygen' Still Suffocates On Charts

Rihanna released her first ad for Puma today, and the critics are universally singing her praises. The Huffington Post loves Rihanna's new ad.

"Ever since the singer inked a reported $1 million deal to serve as the brand's global ambassador, we knew an epic ad campaign was in the works. And let us tell you, it does not disappoint. The Bajan beauty looks fierce as hell wearing a midriff-baring top, leggings and, of course, the company's new Pulse XT sneakers. We're not sure about you, but Riri looks so cool, we want to run to our nearest Puma store and buy the look."
Styleite was also very impressed.
"Rihanna's perfect Puma ads are here. They're monochromatic masterpieces that will erase your memory of everyone who tried to make health goth a thing. She's wearing a Puma visor! A Puma crop top! A Puma shirt around her waist! Puma dystopian running tights! Puma sneaks! The woman sure cleans up in a frilly gown, but she will forever make sportswear look like a good idea for every major life event."
Perhaps Rihanna's advertisement for Puma will take attention away from her ailing music career. "B***h Better Have My Money" falls from No. 17 to No. 22. on Billboard's Hot 100 chart this week. Rihanna's critically acclaimed song, "American Oxygen," makes a very slow rise from No. 91 to No. 78, and is headed towards becoming the biggest flop of Rihanna's career. Rolling Stone recently noted the political undertones of the "American Oxygen" video, which hasn't helped the song rise on the charts.
"Rihanna dropped the patriotic music video for her new single on Tidal, the streaming music service she co-owns along with more than a dozen other music megastars. The video has a quasi-time capsule feel, juxtaposing patriotic imagery with archival footage of the United States' most noteworthy historical events. The singer performs her new single alone in front of the backdrop of an American flag."
Rihanna, like other pop stars, is trying to branch out into other things in order to keep a steady cash flow, even when her records are barely selling anymore. As a brand, Puma is on the rise, but is still not seen as relevant as competitors such as Nike. Perhaps Rihanna can help Puma get their mojo back with all of her stylish ads. However, if Rihanna continues to produce flop singles like her two most recent ones, she could hurt the Puma brand as people will start to associate the Puma brand with a "has-been."

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]