December 25, 2017
Florida Man Allegedly Pooped All Over Ex-Girlfriend's Property

Florida man is back in the news, and this story is comically grotesque. Michael Anthony Johnson has been charged with burglary and domestic assault, as well as property damage and being a health nuisance, according to report on Pulse. He was also charged with providing false information to police, petty theft, and aggravated harassment.

The man was bitter after his former girlfriend ended their relationship, and he reportedly wanted to exact revenge on the woman for breaking his heart. The Orange County Sheriff's Office has reportedly confirmed that Johnson did this in front of at least one underage witness, who saw him break into the home and begin defecating all over the family's belongings.

The Florida man reportedly pooped on drinking glass, a wallet belonging to someone in the home, a dresser, and on his estranged girlfriend's bed. The victim had been asleep during the beginning part of the nonsensical attack on her household, but apparently had been awake during the part where he defecated right on her bed.

Man Cave Daily reports that Johnson had only been out of jail for two days after he was arrested for violating a no contact order initiated by his former girlfriend. There also appears to be a history of domestic violence, making this incident all the more alarming.

Florida man Michael Anthony Johnson isn't the only person to succumb to fecal warfare during desperate times. ABC 10 News reported in 2009 that Weusi McGowan rubbed his own feces all over his attorney's head and face before throwing it at jurors during his robbery trial. The judge ordered him to pay a juror to replace a briefcase he ruined with his feces. In 2012 a naked man terrorized residents of Azusa, California, by throwing his feces at people at a mental care facility.

No reports have come out clarifying whether or not Michael Anthony Johnson will get mental healthcare stemming from this horribly disturbing incident. It's also not known if the child who witnessed much of the defecation will get some kind of trauma counseling. The only fact that remains at this time is that Johnson has a history of domestic violence against his alleged victim, and now his behavior is going from violent to erratic and bizarre.

Of course, as weird as it is, this still isn't the most off-the-wall "Florida Man" story in recent history. John Arwood and Amber Campbell, a Florida couple, became the laughing stock of social media and news reports when they called the police to rescue them from a closet where they thought they had been locked for two days. Come to find out, the door didn't even lock. Also, someone pooped in the closet.

[Photo: Orange County Sheriff's mugshot]