February 25, 2015
WWE News: Intercontinental Title Four Way Planned For 'WrestleMania' -- Who Will Be In The Match?

It appears that WWE is planning on having a fatal four way match at WrestleMania for the Intercontinental Championship. The match will feature the current Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, and Dean Ambrose, with Ambrose likely walking away as the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Most WWE fans believed that Ambrose would win the IC Title at this past Sunday's Fastlane, but WWE wants to save Ambrose's win for WrestleMania to make it seem like more of a big deal.

Ambrose has only held one title during his time in WWE, that being the United States Championship, which he held for 351 days, which is a WWE record. There have been rumors that WWE is looking to restore prestige to its mid-card titles, hence why John Cena is attempting to capture Rusev's United States Championship, and having Ambrose -- who is a main-event caliber talent -- win the IC Title could do just that.

The WWE Intercontinental Championship hasn't meant much in nearly a decade due to WWE having the IC Champ lose nearly all of his non-title television matches. Their mentality has been that it doesn't matter if the IC Champ loses on TV, because he has the title, and the title will "keep him over as long as he has it." Well, WWE's theory has been proven wrong time and time again, and most fans are ready for a change.

Former WWE play-by-play announcer Jim Ross weighed in on the Intercontinental Championship's lack of prestige, saying that if WWE were to tell someone like Randy Orton that they were planning on having him win the IC Title, Orton would feel like WWE was punishing him, and that's not how any wrestler should feel about winning any championship in WWE.

The Intercontinental Championship used to be a stepping stone title, which would take young wrestlers to the next level, and turn them into legitimate contenders to the WWE Championship. It also was considered as the "work horse title," and if it were still considered as that, someone like Daniel Bryan or Cesaro would be the perfect Intercontinental Champion.

There's a chance that Dolph Ziggler could win the IC Title at WrestleMania, but -- as of right now -- the plan is for Dean Ambrose to walk out as the champion.

[Image via WWE]