February 25, 2015
Elizabeth Jensen: Stranger Buys Expensive Dream Wedding Dress For Bride-To-Be Leaving Her In Tears

When Elizabeth Jensen accepted her boyfriend Jimmy Gillespie's marriage proposal last month, she was realistic about the fact that she would not be able to afford an expensive wedding. Nevertheless, Jensen decided to set out to buy a wedding dress for herself - for their wedding scheduled for May 1. Elizabeth was on the lookout for something that would fit her budget and was not too pricey. Jensen, who happens to be a student at Brigham Young University, was facing a financial crunch and was also dependent on her father who unfortunately happens to be unemployed. She is also the seventh of eight children her father has to take care of making her financial situation even more dicey.

However, not only will Elizabeth be able to wear a great wedding dress on her big day, she would also get to wear her dream dress- the one she liked the most at a store in Utah! All thanks to the generosity of a complete stranger who paid for Jensen's dress at the store, reports the Consumerist.

It was last Friday that Elizabeth Jensen went to a local shop, Elizabeth Copper Design to have a look at their selection of wedding dresses. At the store, Jensen took fancy for a dress which she thought would suit her the best. She even tried it on and it turned out to be a perfect fit. However, it's $480 price tag was way beyond her budget. With a heavy heart, Elizabeth made up her mind to look for a cheaper option.

In the meantime, there was another woman at the shop who was also on the lookout for her wedding dress. However, when she couldn't find anything to her liking at the store, she approached the owner of the store Carrie Ling with an incredible proposal. She wanted to pay for someone else's wedding dress and wanted to make sure that Jensen got her favorite dress! The unknown lady who has chosen to remain anonymous left Carrie with enough money to buy any dress from the store and left. Some time later, Carrie approached Elizabeth and told her about the generosity of the lady, a complete stranger who had agreed to pay for her dream wedding dress! In fact, after Carrie broke the news about the incredible act by the stranger, she simply burst into tears. She was surprised by the fact that a complete stranger could be so generous.

Later, Elizabeth told Deseret News;

"Who pays for someone's wedding dress? It's something I'll never forget."
She was amazed at the fact that there was a person inside the store who had seen how much she loved the dress and wanted to help her buy it.

Even though store owner Carrie Ling has been told not to reveal the name of the generous stranger, Elizabeth Jensen has already invited the stranger to her wedding on May 1.

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