February 25, 2015
Monks In A Snowball Fight: Video Of Monks Pegging Each Other With Snowballs Lights Up YouTube

Who says that all Franciscan Monks do is pray and chant, living quiet monk lives within cold religious fortresses where the closest thing to fun is bland food and maybe some tea?

For most of us, the image of a monk dressed in a bleak monk robe becoming involved in a snowball fight would hardly register, totally out of context for what we think of when we think of monks. But some Franciscan Monks in Jerusalem, as reported by the Daily Mail, celebrated a rare heavy snow storm that blanketed the Holy Land in white, apparently leaving the monks little choice but to start throwing snowballs at each other.

The exuberance and obvious joy of the snowball fighting monks makes it look more like kids or bear cubs in the robes playing in the snow. But the six indeed are monks, according to the video's creator, Einat Gomel, who titled his piece, "Franciscan Monks in snowball fight Jerusalem February 2015."

The six snowball fighting monks are Franciscans, reports Rare via Vatican Radio. The International Business Times further notes that the Franciscan monks belong to a Catholic order founded by St. Francis of Assisi about 800 years ago.

The rare Israeli snow storm that paved the way for the Franciscan monk snowball fight didn't just blanket Jerusalem, but swept through many other areas in the Middle East as well, with the West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria all on the receiving end of the snow storm, reports Fox News.

However, the snow wasn't all just fun and games and monks in playful snowball fights, as the snow storm did shut down several roads and other transportation systems.

Regardless, the refreshing snow blast that led to play-fighting in the snow was a welcome distraction from the other type of all too real and violent types of fighting plaguing much of the Middle East.

"It's a magic wonderland," said Miriam Leibowitz, who lives in Israel and chatted with Fox News while playing in a snow covered park with her family. "In the middle of Jerusalem, we felt like we're in Switzerland."

Another young man, Nachy Faiman, 20, said he was praying with a group of others at the Western Wall when it all of a sudden began to snow, calling it "awesome."

Meanwhile, according to Jerusalem officials, about two feet of snow blanketed the historic city. And in the wake of the snowstorm were some beautiful scenes of otherwise recognizable landmarks, but curiously covered in unfamiliar snow -- kind of like seeing Franciscan monks in a snowball fight.

[Image and video via YouTube]