February 25, 2015
Crane Claw Game: Two Young Girls Get Stuck In Arcade Game

Video has emerged of two young girls who inadvertently found themselves stuck inside a crane claw game while visiting a shopping mall arcade with their mother.

The video was apparently filmed in North America, and begins as onlookers approach the arcade. The two girls have already become trapped in the crane claw game, with their worried mother standing beside the machine and wondering how she is going to get them back. As spectators gather, along with mall officials, the mother explains that her youngest girl went into the crane claw machine first, and that her older sister followed her into the arcade game.

As the clip progresses, the mother and another woman contemplate ways to retrieve the girls from the game, and while checking for latches, they debate calling the crane claw game's owners. The individual filming the girls suggests he can get them out with 50 cents, a joking proposition later advocated by another young boy that is observing.

Eventually, one of the girls finds herself near the game's trapdoor, and the mother attempts to pull her out by her legs. The girl protests and cries for a moment, but she is quickly released from the crane claw game, leaving her mother to contemplate rescuing her sister in the same way. Before the video ends, a number of other security guards approach the machine, while the girl remaining inside looks worried.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the person who filmed the odd situation revealed that the girl became scared while alone in the machine, and started crying. He related, however, that the gathered onlookers were finally able to get the girl out of the crane claw game.

"They did eventually get the smaller girl out, she was harder to convince to drop down, she was really scared, but she did get out," he said.

Surprisingly, the two girls aren't the first children to find themselves trapped in a crane claw game. Last October, 18-month-old Colin Lambert found himself stuck in a claw machine in Maryville, Tennessee, while shopping with his grandmother. As USA Today reports, Maryville firefighters were called in to rescue the boy from the machine, retrieving him in a matter of minutes.

In 2012, a child in New York became trapped in a laundromat washing machine, locked inside as the automatic cycle began. As the Inquisitr previously reported, an attendant was able to unplug the machine, rescuing the boy with far more ease than the girls in the crane claw game.

[Image: Jukin via the Daily Mail]