February 25, 2015
US Congressman Dennis Ross Verbally Abused On Jerusalem's Temple Mount By Muslim Women

When Republican Congressman Dennis Ross went on a tour of Jerusalem's most holy Jewish site, the Temple Mount, along with Yitzchak Reuven from the Jerusalem-based Temple Institute, the last thing he expected was to be screamed at by a bunch of extremist Islamist women.

However, in the video below, which was posted to YouTube, the congressman can be seen getting harassed by the group of excitable Muslim women who greeted him to the Mount with shrieks of "Allahu Akbar" (God is great or Allah is greater, depending on the circumstances of its use) and telling him in Arabic to "Leave!"

As one can see from the video, these women, all clad in ISIS-style attire, aren't there by happenstance and are, in fact, paid by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to harass Jews who visit the Temple Mount.

The staged provocations are an attempt to make Jews and other non-Muslim visitors feel uncomfortable on the Mount.

Amazingly, Israel allowed an Islamic organization, called the Waqf, to administer the site of the Al-Aqsa mosque which was built on the very spot where the two Jewish temples once stood.

Why the Israeli's gave control to the Jordanian based Waqf authority is an uncomfortable question, and not one we are going to deal with now. But the reality of life on the ground on the Temple Mount for Jews who visit is unbelievable.

Due to Muslim "sensitivities," the very principal of democracy is ignored when non-Muslims visit the Temple Mount as they are not allowed to pray, or be seen to be praying while visiting, because it upsets Muslims.

Despite the fact that anyone from any religion can visit the Jewish Western Wall which sits underneath the Temple Mount, or the Church of the Holy Sepulchre just up the road, the Waqf allow no such freedom of prayer for non-Muslim visitors in what can only be described as open racial or religious discrimination.

As well as the verbal abuse that congressman Ross suffered on the Temple Mount, his own son was taken by the Waqf to a private room and body searched, lest he be in possession of any non-Islamic religious items.

Speaking on camera about the shrieking women, Ross said, "It's a little bit of a different reception than what I am used to, but coming from a country that respects freedom of religion we respect what they are doing."

Respecting verbal abuse and harassment because you are non-Muslim? Respecting what they are doing?! Interesting response, Mr Ross. By the way, Congressman, the Israeli court ruled several times that Jews have equal rights on the Temple Mount, but these rulings have been ignored by Israeli governments due to threats of Muslim riots, terror attacks and extreme violence.