February 25, 2015
Khloe Kardashian Instagram Photo Shows Off Her Love For New Waist Trainer

Waist training continues to rage on, helped in no small part by women like Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Khloe raved about her waist trainer via Instagram in a recent photo, with the Instagram pic of Khloe sitting in her closet revealing a truly tiny waist in a colorful $130 waist shaper from Waist Gang Society.

"I am obsessed with my new waist shaper from@premadonna87!!! I mean how cute is this shaper?!?! Snatching my waist and looking cute all at the same time!!! I definitely feel like a superhero in this waist shaper! Head over to @pre_shop or @premadonna87to get your shapers ladies! #Boom #Boom #Pow#WaistGang #PreMadonna87 #Snatched"
According to Us Magazine, Khloe Kardashian's waist training must be working, because Khloe looked good and slim during her Oscars hosting efforts on Sunday, February 22, when Kardashian donned a svelte red Lanvin gown with a huge slit. Khloe isn't the only celebrity who relies on using waist trainers to pop their midsections into shape. As reported by the Inquisitr, Kail Lowry, a reality TV star, joined other celebrities in professing their love for waist trainers and the results they can bring -- especially when a woman focuses on "downsizing" her abdomen area after having a baby.

Grazia Daily spoke with "Premadonna," the woman at the helm of Waist Gang Society, a woman whom Khloe Kardashian met two years ago when she was trying to lose weight. After Khloe found success with the waist trainer, Kim jumped on-board the waist training bandwagon, especially after Kim had North West, and wanted to get her curves back in order. Premadonna claims that Kim carries a waist trainer with her everywhere -- and wears them to the gym or under gowns and such. Some of the waist trainers are even worn by Premadonna's clients overnight, while they're sleeping. According to the waist training aficionado, wearing the waist trainers for six hours each day can seriously take of the inches and provide the kind of form-fitting, hourglass figure that women these days seek out.

Indeed, women are often seen in boot camp or exercise classes wearing their waist trainers underneath or atop their clothes in order to carve out a sexy-looking waist shape that's curvy and appealing. Squeems -- as seen on Amazon -- are another popular line of waist trainers, as are the waist trainers called a "Waist Eraser," sold by Keyshia Ka'oir.

[Image via Khloe Kardashian Instagram]