February 25, 2015
Bobbi Kristina Brown: Friend Reveals Roxycodone Was Also On The Drug Den List

As Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in a coma following a suspected overdose of a toxic mix of drugs, a friend of her's has come forward and spoken about what the Brown/Gordon household was like in terms of being, among other things, a "drug den."

While it has been widely reported that shady characters often frequented the Atlanta residence where Bobbi and Nick lived together, the extent of the drug use has so far been unclear.

An insider, who claims to be a friend of Bobbi's, told Radar Online, "Scary things did happen, [Nick] would brag that he knows how to do CPR, and Krissi would say that he should be a doctor. Like he knows how to bring somebody back [from an overdose]."

The same insider also admitted to having taken a bunch of drugs at the house, including Roxycodone and heroin.

Apparently, the house has an extensive weapons collection, and was used as a daily hangout by Nick, Bobbi, and their friends, "We went shopping a lot, hung out, watched stupid stuff on Youtube. [Nick's] obsessed with The Walking Dead. He's big into guns. He loved to buy guns. We'd lay in bed and watch TV, movies, Netflix," claimed the friend.

On top of all that, the home had many reminders of Bobbi's late mother, Whitney Houston who died from an overdose.

"They didn't touch her mom's room for a long time, but then they moved into it. She'd show me a part of the couch where there was a handkerchief and an ash tray and a burn line where her mom would always burn her cigarettes when [Krissi] had to help her to bed and she fell asleep on the couch."
It remains to be seen exactly what mix of drugs Bobbi Kristina Brown took, which left her brain dead and in an induced coma in order to save her life.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]