February 25, 2015
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: Jon Stewart Would 'Kill' Seth Rollins At 'WrestleMania', And Yes, He's Serious

Jon Stewart and Seth Rollins make for a couple of unlikely competitors for a WrestleMania 31 match, and while there has been some talk that the two might work together in some way on March 29, at least one wrestling legend doesn't think so.

On the latest episode of the Steve Austin Show, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin sat down with Pro Wrestling Torch's Wade Keller for an in-depth review of the Fastlane pay-per-view from February 22.

When the pair began discussing Seth Rollins, Austin asked Keller what he thought about the Jon Stewart angle, and whether it would turn up at the grandest stage of all.

Keller didn't think so, and as for Austin, he hoped that it wouldn't happen. Why would a Jon Stewart appearance be such a bad thing, at least if he was involved in an angle with Rollins?

"I can't imagine Stewart's going to show up at 'Mania... I think the guy's funny as h***, but does he have a place at WrestleMania or some physicality with Rollins? In this day and age, and given that the business is a work, I think you kill Seth Rollin's credibility if you do anything that's even halfway of a shenanigan. Seth Rollins … has been on fire, the guy's doing great work. Don't diminish everything you've built with this guy by doing something that's gonna sacrifice him or counter all the progress that has been made."
When Jon Stewart released a promo countering Seth Rollins' knock at him at a recent appearance on Monday Night RAW, the Internet lit up for a couple of days, speculating about how Stewart might factor in to the big show.

Normally, the WWE wouldn't hesitate to bring in a celebrity to work an angle at WrestleMania. Since the very first show, the company has found a way to involve instantly recognizable celebrities like Stewart.

Most notable of all is the relationship WWE forged with Pete Rose, even giving the legendary baseball player a place in the celebrity wing of its Hall of Fame and having him take a tombstone piledriver from Kane.

But comparing the Stewart situation to the Pete Rose situation doesn't follow in that Stewart would have to be the babyface, and would therefore have to get the rub over Rollins in any kind of a "shenanigan," as Austin would say. Where Rollins is placed on the card, and where his plans with Randy Orton stand, would make any use of Stewart counterproductive.

That's at least how Austin sees it. But what about you, readers? Does Jon Stewart need to stay out of Seth Rollins' way at WrestleMania 31? Sound off in the comments section.