February 25, 2015
Bees Descend Upon Outdoor Bakery, Woman Flattered And Lets Them Eat

Here's news you don't see daily. Intrigued bees that like desserts? Yet, this woman is unbothered and continues, as the swarm partakes in her latest foods.

YouTube videos tend to show news from all over the world. Accordingly so, you can run into anything and see exactly how the real world operates. However, have you ever heard of bees not caring for their fellow brethren, just to get a snack? Moreover, a woman making them into the snack which the bees seem to enjoy eating? "Yas, Child! Yas!" It happened.

[caption id="attachment_1872909" align="aligncenter" width="670"]Latest Daily News - Bees Swarm Outdoor Bakery Credits: YouTube | Abaum VeemacheThese bees certainly like to get their sugar rushes. No matter the woman's motions, they continue to eat.[/caption]

From the looks of the situation, there's nothing the woman can do one way or the other. Obviously, bees want what bees want. Or is it just the consensus of the whole swarm? It's almost as if they're oozing out of them.

In any case, this Asian marketer is faced with an issue she's forced to work through. This is what you call "turning lemons into lemonade." To the average person, this bee swarm brought all the lemons from the grove.

However, in the ultimate display of entrepreneurial spirit, this woman perseveres to provide the latest in doughy goods. Good news for her, these honey bees aren't against the idea of being her guineas.

As the cameraman pans the video around, he also seems a bit unbothered by the swarming bees. They both react like it's a daily occurrence. However, for most readers of this article, this would probably be considered weird news at its finest. However, it appears that this Asian market is "nature's best."

As they're carefully rolled into the dough, it's almost as if the bees are just waiting in line — or a gaggle. Though this is strange activity in this video, you can hear other people in the background — as if they're also waiting to get their bee-covered desserts as well. "To each his own," right?

[caption id="attachment_1872917" align="aligncenter" width="670"]Latest Daily News - Bees Swarm Outdoor Bakery As Woman Continues Rolling Dough Credits: YouTube | Abaum VeemacheThe woman just continues to roll the dough like it's a daily thing. Just giving the latest in bakery goods.[/caption]

Commentators have had a lot to say about the video so far, as would be expected.

[caption id="attachment_1872920" align="aligncenter" width="555"]Latest Daily News - Bees Swarm Outdoor Bakery - People Comment About It Credits: YouTube | Abaum VeemachePeople comment about the bees-ness on Facebook. That pun was terrible.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1872922" align="aligncenter" width="535"]Latest Daily News - Bees Swarm Outdoor Bakery - People Comment About It Some More II Credits: YouTube | Abaum VeemachePeople continue to comment on the bees. No pun this time. The first attempt was more than enough fails in one.[/caption]

Well, you can watch the full video below and see it all in live-action. If you have weak stomachs, tread carefully. Who knew bees had such a sweet tooth?

So, what do you think about this bit weird news? Not something you see daily? What would you have done? Would you have tried the dessert?

[Feature Image via Abaum Veemache/YouTube]