February 23, 2015
Clint Eastwood Oscar Date: Director Reportedly Getting Serious With Girlfriend Christina Sandera

Clint Eastwood made waves with his Oscar date, appearing publicly with girlfriend Christina Sandera for the first time and sparking rumors that the couple may be getting quite serious.

Eastwood and Sandera started dating early last year, but weren't spotted together until they were photographed shopping together at a Whole Foods in Los Angeles. Now, with their red carpet appearance, the relationship appears to be getting quite serious.

While the relationship caused a bit of a stir at the time after the high-profile split between Clint Eastwood and then-wife Dina, insiders said they had been quietly together for quite some time before it became public.

"She lives with him in his house he used to share with Dina," the insider told Us Weekly last year. "She moved in months ago."

"Clint's kids have all met Christina and like [her]," the insider added. The "kids all say she is 'normal.'"

Now, with Clint Eastwood making Sandera his Oscar date, reports are indicating that the couple are ready to move the relationship to the next level. The Huffington Post noted that they looked quite happy together:

"The bad news for Clint Eastwood is that his film, 'American Sniper,' was largely snubbed at the Oscars last night. The good news? He looked like a very happy man as he strolled down the Oscar red carpet with his new girlfriend.

"Clad in a dapper black tux, the 84-year-old Hollywood legend made his way into the Dolby Theatre arm-and-arm with Christina Sandera, a hostess at his restaurant in Carmel, California who he's reportedly been seeing since June."

The relationship between Eastwood and Christina Sandera marks the end of what was a complicated love triangle for Clint and Dina. Not long after the couple split, Eastwood started a relationship with photographer Erica Tomlinson-Fisher.

The short-lived relationship started when Erica suspected her ex-husband had started a relationship with Dina. She reached out to Clint, and soon the two hooked up.

But that relationship ended fairly quickly, and the American Sniper director soon found new love. Clint Eastwood and his Oscar date already have quite a close connection as well. His girlfriend Christina Sandera worked at the Mission Ranch Hotel in Carmel, California -- which just happens to be owned by Clint Eastwood.

[Image via hellomagazine]