February 23, 2015
Man Atop Tortoise Arrested: Man Faces Jail Time After Standing Atop A Galapagos Tortoise

A man atop a tortoise was arrested and could be going to jail. According to the Canada Journal, Fazal Shaik, 24, is facing serious consequences after he climbed into the tortoise enclosure at an Indian zoo and stood on top of the creatures in order to get a photo to put on Facebook to see how many "likes" he would get. He's now facing up to six months behind bars for endangering wildlife.

"I am glad the police are making an example of him and I hope it will deter others. He did get a lot of attention, but I hope it is not the sort he wanted. It is a privilege to be able to see these magnificent creatures close up. This sort of cruelty and stupidity cannot be tolerated," said Nehru Zoological Park curator Ramakrishna Rao.

The man atop the tortoise released a statement after getting arrested. He says that he achieved what he wanted -- he got a ton of Facebook likes for a picture on top of a tortoise -- but that it's going to cost him.

"I wanted to put it up on Facebook, that was my only intention. I got a lot of likes but it proved costly for sure," said Mr. Shaik.

According to NDTV, Mr. Shaik took the photo last May. He was recently booked under the Wildlife Protection Act.

The zoo has also learned a bit of an important lesson from this incident. With 10,000 people visiting the zoo on any given weekend, security has been increased for the safety of visitors and animals.

A woman at a zoo in Wisconsin got herself in some serious trouble after getting up close and personal with a giraffe. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the woman got kicked in the face by the super tall animal after climbing a fence and hopping into his enclosure with him.

"When the woman fell into the giraffe's containment area, she was licked by a 2-year-old, 12-foot-tall giraffe named Wally. He then turned and kicked her in the face. Kicks from giraffes are known to be so powerful that they can kill lions. Luckily, Hall didn't suffer any real injuries and was cited for harassing zoo animals with a fine of $686," reports the Inquisitr.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]