February 23, 2015
Oprah Winfrey Security Line: Oprah Goes Under Black Rope At Oscars, Dodges Security

Oprah Winfrey skipped the security line at Sunday night's Oscars by ducking under a black velvet rope. According to Mail Online, the former queen of daytime talk just did not want to wait to get checked out before getting on to the red carpet, so she found her own way past that pesky line. Despite being followed, Oprah made her way to the lines of cameras, and posed in her blush-colored gown without thinking twice about it.

"Once on the other side, the one-time winner of the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award hurried away, almost tripping on her long skirt while a grinning security guard followed closely behind," reports Mail Online.
Oprah Winfrey caused a stir when she skipped the security line, but she is Oprah, so apparently she did not pose that much of a threat to anyone at the event. According to Sport Act, no one bothered to slow Oprah down, and she didn't have to deal with any kind of wait once she evaded that checkpoint. While a security guard did keep an eye on her for a short amount of time after her duck and dodge, once he saw that it was Oprah who had done the sneak, he realized that his duties were unwarranted.

Of course Oprah was on-hand as part of the cast of Selma(she also produced the film). She looked delighted as she sat next to longtime beau, Stedman Graham, and watched the presenters, and the performances.

Oprah seemed thrilled to be a part of the show, and was very emotional during Jon Legend and Common's performance of Glory, which took home the award for "Best Original Song." As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Oprah was a presenter at the 2015 Academy Awards. She also made plenty of "best dressed" lists for her choice of outfit, which turned heads all night.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oprah wowed in her dress. The Vera Wang number was the perfect fit, the perfect hue, and the perfect thing for Oprah to wear. Did you like Oprah's gown?

Are you surprised Oprah Winfrey skipped the security line?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]