February 23, 2015
Missing Woman's Car Found: Body Of Apryl Foster Believed To Be Inside Car Submerged In Lake

A missing woman may have been found inside a car that was submerged in a lake in Brandon, Florida. According to Fox News, it is believed that the body of Apryl Foster was inside the car, but police are not confirming the details until a report from the medical examiner's office is completed. Police have positively ID'd the vehicle as belonging to Foster. The 33-year-old went missing earlier this month. She was last seen at a karaoke bar in Ybor City on February 12.

"This is a tragic end to a very sad story. If anything, it at least gives us answers now," deputy Tampa police Chief Brian Dugan said.
The missing woman, who was likely inside the car, may have driven home while intoxicated the night that she went missing. Authorities say that they have surveillance footage of the red Chevrolet Aveo driving down a boat ramp, and going into the lake. Police do not believe that foul play was involved.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, at least three men were interviewed by police after Foster went missing. Shortly after, however, police cleared them in the case. Well over a week later, it appears as though the case has been solved.

Apryl's family has reached out to thank all of the people who have helped them during this trying time. While they didn't get the outcome that they were hoping for, they are thankful for the support that they have received.

"We want to thank the city of Tampa for just pouring out your love to us, with the posters and the billboards, and we're going to miss our girl," said Foster's father, Craig Beman.
According to CBS News, the vehicle was found about a half mile from Apryl Foster's home. Foster's mother said that they found closure.
"We just know she's with Jesus now. We are so thankful because, for me, I just couldn't imagine not having closure with something like this. We know she is looking at the eyes of Jesus."
The missing woman's body and her car will be investigated. An autopsy is scheduled, and should provide some answers. An official cause of death might not reveal what exactly happened on that fateful February night, but a toxicology report might help put the pieces together. Of course, it's possible that Foster was not drinking at the bar, and that she just dozed off while driving home. The facts will be detailed after the investigation is completed.

[Photo courtesy of Tampa Police via CBS News]