February 23, 2015
'The Flash' Spoilers: Robbie Amell Talks About The Possibility Of A Firestorm Spin-Off

The latest episode of The Flash left many hanging off the edge of their seats as the series takes a few weeks off to prep for the final episodes of the season. If nothing else, CW's The Flash is one of the most faithful comic book adaptations on television, as seen in Firestorm's origin storyline.

Firestorm (Robbie Amell), is a complicated character and one that many hardcore fans were surprised to see played so well on 'The Flash'. In the show, as well as the comics, Firestorm is actually two people fused into one body and as a result of the same failed science experiment that created the Flash. The experiment also granted Ronnie Raymond/ Dr. Stein the power to harness nuclear fire.

Firestorm unleashing is nuclear fire on an opponent in the DC comic book series
Firestorm unleashing his nuclear fire on an opponent in the DC comic book series

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the character is the dual nature of the personality. Initially, Raymond's consciousness was subdued while Dr. Stein took control of Raymond's body and power. When the duo learns to control their unique ability, it is Dr. Stein who takes a back seat, acting as a guiding conscience for Raymond.

This is a complex story even in the comics and to see it as the main arc of The Flash is very promising in terms of the shows faithfulness to the comics. He is also a show favorite and his popularity makes it very likely that he will eventually get his own show. The Possibility of a Spinoff from The Flash was teased a on Twitter as Amell took a photo next to his cousin, Stephen Amell, who plays Arrow on the show's parent program of the same name..

When pressed for the meaning of the tweet, Amell insisted it was a joke, and that he was bound to secrecy. It is quite possible that the photo is from an upcoming Arrow episode, and it would make a lot of sense for his character to show up on Arrows turf one day. But you can be sure that his character will show up again.

Amell spoke about the tweet, his role on The Flash, and the possibility of a Firestorm spinoff during an interview with MTV about his latest project, The Duff, starring both he and Mae Whitman. In the interview, he was very excited about in role in the DC universe.

"I don't know, I haven't been told anything about it," Amell said, adding that "I've heard a lot about the Atom spinoff, if that's gonna be a thing but they've got Supergirl as well. Arrow, Flash, they've got a lot of shows."


At this time, it seems as if CW has enough on their hands with The Flash and Arrow, but given Firestorm's popularity and the rising star power of Amell, a Flash spinoff with Amell as the lead may loom on the not-too-distant horizon.