June 29, 2017
Bill Maher: Obama Statement Mirrors NRA Slogan, Legalize Marijuana

Bill Maher took to his Real Time With Bill Maher HBO talk show set Friday night and went to work slamming President Obama for asserting in a speech last week that terrorism isn't the fault of religion.

Prominently displaying his notoriously anti-religious beliefs, Maher compared President Obama's statement to the National Rifle Association's slogan, "guns don't kill people, people kill people," reports the Washington Times.

According to Maher, when President Obama said, "No religion is responsible for terrorism. People are responsible for violence and terrorism," the statement basically mirrored the NRA slogan's philosophy.

Bill Maher went on to say that it seemed "Orwellian" for President Obama's White House to refuse to use the term, "Islamic terrorism."

"It seems like we're paying a very high price for this, which is that we can't even discuss it rationally. Can't we at least say that there are a number of factors involved and the religion is certainly one of them? This idea, he presented this idea that 'Well, it's poverty and education.' It is poverty and education also, but why are they impoverished and uneducated? It's mostly because of the religion."
Middle East dictators, like Saddam Hussein, were also a focus of Bill Maher's Friday night commentary on the subject; the HBO personality making the point that though such dictators were responsible for atrocious crimes against humanity, they also kept things relatively under control, such as the Islamic extremist terrorist groups we're seeing today.

"He (Saddam Hussein) and Gadhafi always said to America, 'You don't understand what I'm dealing with. Yes, I'm a bad guy, but you have no idea how crazy some of the people in my country are,'" said Bill Maher.

Bill Maher also used his Real Time platform to address the status of marijuana legalization in the United States, reports the Huffington Post.

Along with other celebrity marijuana legalization advocates such as Joe Rogan, Frances McDormand, Megan Fox and, of course, Ziggy Marley, Bill Maher thinks it's time marijuana is allowed its freedom.

"We should at least be honest with our kids and tell them the truth about drug laws in this country. Kids, if you're gonna experiment, make absolutely certain that beforehand your parents are white and well-connected."
It is beyond past the time for the legalization of marijuana, said Bill Maher, as well as time for President Obama to pardon all Americans that are behind bars for non-violent drug offenses.

"It's pot's turn," concluded Maher.

[Image by Ethan Miller via Getty Images]