January 28, 2015
'The Americans' Spoilers: Season 3 Brings New Relationships, Complications

Season 3 of The Americans premieres Wednesday night on FX, and fans cannot wait to dig into these new episodes. Fans were left hanging at the end of Season 2 when it came to new directives for the Jennings family, challenges that they were hesitant to embrace. Will they find a way around this? What Americans spoilers are available for this new season?

From the sounds of things, Season 3 will get off to quite the start with the premiere episode, titled "EST Men." Elizabeth loses key intelligence, prompting Philip to pull in Annalise for help. The title seems to refer to Stan, who is struggling with guilt over everything that has transpired of late. He will start attending EST therapy sessions with Philip as a way to work through things, a therapy approach that was quite popular during the timeframe in which the show is set.

TV Guide notes that through these sessions, Stan and Philip will form quite the bond with one another. Ultimately, Stan is hoping to relieve his guilt over the Nina situation and win Sandra back, but it seems viewers will have to wait for some time to learn if his strategies work.

As TVLine shares, Season 3 picks up with Philip and Elizabeth at odds over the next mission they've been given. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this is a challenge that will be a strong focus of this new season as a whole.

Gabriel, played by Frank Langella, is on-board this season as Elizabeth and Philip's handler. He apparently plays both of them a bit when it comes to the challenges they face this season, and Gabriel has some news for Elizabeth that may leave her a bit shaken.

As was noted by the Hollywood Reporter, Langella will be in this role for multiple episodes. He's worked with Elizabeth and Philip before, and he comes out of retirement to handle them once again.

At this point, it doesn't sound as if Claudia will be making any more appearances later in the season any time soon. What about Nina Sergeevna? The Americans spoilers indicate that she's locked up in a Soviet prison, but she soon will be receiving a proposition of some sort.

Where is it all headed? Tune in to new episodes of The Americans beginning Wednesday, January 28, on FX to see just what happens next with Philip and Elizabeth Jennings as they find a way to move ahead in this new season.

[Image via James Minchin/FX]