January 28, 2015
'Stunning': Kutcher Favs 'Rare' Songbird With Down's Syndrome

Ashton Kutcher recently tweeted a video that defies all statistics in the Down's syndrome entertainment community. In Hollywood, we see talented entertainers in the media that are people living with Down's syndrome such as Edward Barbanell on the Comedy Central show Workaholics. However, APlus notes that there is a reason that we do not see many entertainers that are singers with Down's syndrome. About the performance, the BoomBoom Report says you will be "shocked and amazed."

Ashton Kutcher recently tweeted about a young girl with Down's syndrome that that is defying the odds. Madison Tevlin talks about the reasons she is a rare singer in behind-the-scenes commentary for her video showcasing the John Legend hit, "All of Me." Her message, among others, is that "Down's syndrome is only part of who that person is -- it does not define that person."

The opening frames of the video state a quote from the Down's syndrome Education Institute that says, "Very few people with Down's syndrome will ever be able to sing." The quote is followed by Madison Tevlin speaking to the camera and talking about her life as a 12-year-old girl with Down's syndrome and how she is fighting statistical odds with her singing.Other quotes from the Down's syndrome Education Institute on Madison Tevlin's video state that, "People that have Down's syndrome typically have a voice that is low-pitched." The National Down's syndrome Society quote in Madison Tevlin's video says, "Developmental challenges affect communication skills, language, and expressive speaking."

"All of Me" also shows Madison Tevlin singing a cover of the John Legend song -- even though she had a sinus infection and head cold that day. The video continues to explain that someone with Down's syndrome will need to use "twice the standard vocal strength to produce sound to speak" as someone without Down's syndrome.

Of course, like all young singers, Madison Tevlin is still working on refining her talents, but her fan base is quickly growing. Below her "All of Me" video, Jessica Robertson writes, "Madison, Wow I don't even know where to begin. I'm literally lost for words! That was absolutely amazing. You are such a talented and stunning girl. You are an example of what to be. You have inspired me!!"

Another Madison Tevlin video fan, Wendy Smith, posted, "Madison, You are a beautiful young lady with an amazing voice. I smiled all the way through this video. You are so special and I am blessed to have come across this today. Keep smiling and singing!"

People living with Down's syndrome and family members of those living with Down's syndrome were also quick to show their support. Krissy Connors writes, "... she is such a inspiration to me. I wanna be a singer but i have special needs. But she proves to me. that I shouldn't give up on my dreams of being a singer. [sic]" Claire Wright says, "Wow! Such an inspiration. We have a 17-year-old son born with Down's syndrome. She has very good speech. Proud of you girl. [sic]"

Due to her age, Madison Tevlin's social media is controlled by her older sister, Zoie. To learn more about the unique singer living with Down's syndrome, find Madison Tevlin on Twitter, on Instagram as MadisonTevlin, or subscribe to her YouTube channel.