January 28, 2015
'Suits' Spoilers: Season 4 Resumes, Will Louis Litt Get His Name On The Door At Last?

Suits is back with the Season 4 winter premiere Wednesday night, and fans cannot wait. The last that everybody saw, Louis Litt had discovered Mike Ross' secret and made it clear that both Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson would have hell to pay for it. What Suits spoilers are available for the January 28 episode titled "Enough Is Enough"?

As TVLine shares, the Season 4, Episode 11 show picks up with Louis still intent on getting his name on the door at Pearson Specter in exchange for not blowing the lid off of Mike's secret. However, executive producer Aaron Korsh teases Suits spoilers that Louis may not get what he wants and expects, or at least not right away.

Korsh says to just go along with Louis' demands would essentially be giving in to the demands of "a power-hungry, power-crazed person," and things won't play out quite that simply. Wednesday night's winter premiere picks up shortly after Litt's demand, and viewers will see the immediate aftermath of his blow-up with Jessica.

The executive producer goes on to liken Litt's demands to those of a child, dictator, or "hungry, somewhat of an unhinged person," and it seems Harvey and Jessica will hold back and play a bit of a game before giving Louis an absolute answer.

Viewers may not get an answer about Litt getting his name on the door right away, it seems. However, Suits spoiler previews for the remainder of the season certainly appear to indicate that Louis will become a named partner with his name on the door at last. That said, he seemingly still wants Mike gone and Ross will be scrambling to find a way out of the mess.

Fans will see more of the personal dynamics play out in these next episodes of Season 4 more than the firm dynamics, apparently. There have been a lot of personal betrayals and the fallout won't be swept under the rug.

Suits spoilers indicate that during Wednesday's return, fans will see the battle impact Harvey's personal life as well as Jessica's. In addition, there is an impact on Rachel that may be interesting and different from what viewers would anticipate.

As for Donna and Louis, there will be a process needed to repair that relationship, if it can be healed, and viewers can brace themselves for Louis to try to exact some vengeance on Mike, as well. A Suits preview from the network shows Harvey pumping Mike up with a story from his childhood, seemingly preparing Mike to work on appeasing Louis in some fashion so he can stick with the firm.

What will happen with Harvey as the rest of Season 4 plays out? Suits spoilers indicate that he will get a visit from Professor Henry Gerard in an upcoming episode that brings up some interesting things, and late in the season, fans will see a lot of Harvey and the relationships key in his life. Ultimately, everybody will see just how he came to be the guy he is.

Much of Korsh's dish on these next episodes reads as if the show is preparing for a series finale rather than a season finale, but luckily it's already known that's not the case. As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, the network has already renewed Suits for Season 5.

Fans have been hanging on for months now to see how Jessica, Harvey, and Mike would handle Louis' discovery and it's time for it all to play out. Season 4 of Suits continues with new episodes again now on Wednesday nights on the USA network.

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