January 28, 2015
Christina Booth: Night 'Began With Wine,' Ended With Slashing The Throats Of Her Three Children

Christina Booth, the Washington state mother who has been charged with attempted murder after she cut the throats of her three children, began the horrific, bloody night with wine and a movie.

Details are emerging in the crime that left all three Booth children horribly wounded, but fortunately alive.

According to Thomas Booth, Christina's husband and the father of the three children, he himself had two large glasses of wine and was feeling the effects of the alcohol. Christina, he claimed, had at least the same amount of wine and was intoxicated to the point that she was slurring her words. The couple was watching a movie, and as it ended, Christina Booth took their older child upstairs to put her to bed, but then "a short time later Christina came down the stairs in only her underwear crying and screaming."

According to the probable cause filing, it was Christina Booth herself who dialed 911 to report that her three children -- a 2-year-old and 6-month-old twins -- were crying nonstop and "needed medical attention." When officers arrived on the scene, they were confronted with the sight of the twin babies on the sofa, crying "uncontrollably" while "bleeding from their necks." At that point, one of the officers went upstairs and found the older child in bed, under her blankets, and covered in her own dried blood.

All three children were immediately taken to a local hospital, where they underwent surgery. All three are now in stable condition, and will be released into protective custody.

Christina Booth also spoke to authorities. She told one detective that she was admittedly have a "really rough time" taking care of all three of her children, and that her husband "never helps." She also added that Thomas Booth "gets very annoyed when the children cry and make noise."

Booth admitted to police that she cut her children's throats to
Booth admitted to police that she cut her children's throats to "keep them quiet."

Christina said that they were having wine and watching a movie when she went to put the toddler to bed. She said, at that point, the child started to cry and she "hit her breaking point." In the probable cause document, a prosecutor says she confessed to the crimes of which she stands accused for a chilling reason.

"She knew if she killed all the kids the house would be quiet for Thomas."
The document continues: "During the interview, Christina broke down crying several times, yelled about Thomas never helping with the kids," adding that "Christina made the comment 'they will be quiet now' several times."

Thomas Booth told authorities that his wife Christina has been "very stressed out raising the children" and said that she "always takes the children out of his presence if they cry." He also says that Christina takes medication for postpartum depression.

But the couple's account on where the attack on the twin babies occurred differs. According to Christina, she carried the babies downstairs after she had slashed the throat of her toddler, then laid the babies on the couch, cutting their necks there. Her husband, however, says she found the babies upstairs with their throats cut and brought them downstairs himself to render first aid to them.

Thomas Booth has not been charged with anything, and police do not suspect that he played any part in the violence towards his children. As for wife Christina, a judge has set bail for her at $3 million.

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