January 28, 2015
Kyle And Kim Richards' Relationship Remains Strained, Kyle Speaks Out On Twitter

Kyle and Kim Richards aren't doing well on the currently airing episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. For the last two weeks, Kyle has been attempting to get through to Kim, but Kim seems more concerned with her friendship with Brandi Glanville.

On Twitter, Kyle spoke of the hard times she and Kim went through on the show.

Kyle and Kim Richards have been seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since the show's first season, and while they've certainly had their moments on-screen, nothing compares to what they are going to now.

During the cast's recent poker night episodes, Kyle and Kim Richards were at odds over Kim's questionable behavior. After noticing signs of a possible relapse, Kyle took Kim aside and asked her what was going on. In the bathroom, Kim explained to Kyle that she had taken pain pills given to her by her ex-husband, Monty.

A short while later, Kim attempted to leave the party, with Glanville at her side, and when Kyle attempted to get to her, she and Glanville ended up in a physical altercation.

While hearing that a recovering addict was taking pain pills on a whim was troublesome for Kyle, she kept the information to herself, which was surprising to fans.

After one fan asked Kyle on Twitter why she told Lisa Rinna she wasn't sure about what was going on with Kim, she explained she hid what Kim had told her because she was unaware that the cameras had already captured the footage.

"I felt it was my sisters place to say and I didn't know we were already heard by cameras."
As the Inquisitr reported last week, Kyle claimed her and her sister's issues stem from Kim's relationship with Glanville.

In her blog, Kyle revealed the following details to fans:

"One thing that was very clear to me in watching this is that Brandi is not my friend. Never has been. I have tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but always kept her at arms' length. To see her pretending to be friends with me in the car ride to Eileen's and then turning on me made things abundantly clear to me. Brandi can't be a friend to anyone. Including my sister. Brandi clearly has been driving a wedge between my sister and me, which seems to have been her master plan from the beginning."
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[Photo via Twitter]