January 28, 2015
WWE News: Is Brock Lesnar Already In Talks For A Return To MMA?

Brock Lesnar has dominated the ring in WWE since his current return, and he's the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That doesn't means he's sticking around though. Unless he has signed a yet-unannounced deal with the company, his contract will be up right after WrestleMania 31. Could he already be in talks for a return to MMA?

MMA Fighting spoke with Spike TV president Kevin Kay and he brought up Bellator MMA president Scott Coker. In an interesting note, he specifically name-dropped Brock Lesnar in who could end up there.

"He [Coker] has the relationships to talk to everybody," Kay said. "He's with Fedor [Emelianenko]. He's talking to Brock [Lesnar], he's talking to Gina [Carano]. These are people he's known for years, so we are in a better position to potentially land those people."
It was just about a month ago that Coker said that Bellator had spoken with Lesnar about a return to MMA, but nothing serious was yet being negotiated.
"There hasn't been any serious dialogue," Coker said. "But when the time comes to have serious dialogue, we'll be right there."
WrestleZone made it a point to mention that not only was Lesnar mentioned by Kevin Kay, but he was mentioned with other elite MMA names. Dropping the names of Fedor and Carano is huge to begin with, but throwing Lesnar in there makes it much more interesting.

Bellator has already signed a popular name in Kimbo Slice, and they're looking to get as many big stars as possible.

Kay states that bringing in a free agent to sign an MMA contract would be rather difficult because they would have to commit to a tournament. That's two or three fights in a small amount of time, and losing means starting all over.

UFC president Dana White also recently spoke about Brock Lesnar and the possibility of him coming to his promotion. White didn't say a whole lot, but he did make it seem that the relationship between Brock Lesnar and UFC is still good.

"Brock Lesnar has a contract with the WWE. He knows he can call me whenever that contract's up."
As it stands right now, Brock Lesnar is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and is set to face Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 31. There has been some controversy since Reigns won the Royal Rumble with many wondering if he's ready for that spot.

It is very possible that Lesnar could sign a new contract with WWE by the time that event rolls around or he could just leave when his current deal is up. If Brock Lesnar ends up retaining his title, then him back in MMA may be something that isn't coming soon.

[Image via WWE]