January 28, 2015
Prison Visitation: Teresa & Joe Giudice's Marriage Could Become Strained By Strict Rules

Prison visitation rules may put a strain on the marriage of Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice. As divorce rumors swirl, a source has come forward, claiming the strict prison rules could make it hard for the Giudices to maintain a healthy relationship.

On January 28, former inmate Beatrice Codianni spoke to Radar Online, revealing details about prison visitation.

"It is such an artificial environment that whenever Joe does come to visit Teresa it could be a terrible strain for their marriage. He cannot hug her and he cannot hold her. There are definite constraints put on passion. However, they are allowed one kiss coming in and one kiss leaving, but it's a brief kiss. They can try to tongue and if they get the tongue in, that's fine."
After being sentenced to 15 months behind bars in October of last year, Teresa began her sentence on January 5. Husband Joe will enter into a 41-month term when hers is complete.

In the meantime, the Giudices will be allowed to see each other during designated times, either during the week or on the weekend, but things go too far between them, guards will certainly stop them in their tracks.

"They are told by the officers, 'Alright that's it,' 'That's enough — now stop!'"
In addition to her limitations with Joe, Teresa "is limited in her communication with her daughters," Gia, 13, Gabriella, 9, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5.
"She will be surrounded and cannot talk about personal issues. Because the rooms are so crowded, she will practically be sitting on someone's lap during the visits."
As the Inquisitr reported earlier this month, Teresa and Joe, who've participated in prison visitation just once since Teresa began her sentence, are reportedly struggling to keep their marriage on the right track.

According to Radar Online, a source told In Touch Weekly the following:

"You could hear yelling and cussing on the phone. She was having an argument with her husband. [Joe is] making her life miserable."
The magazine's source claimed Teresa's main issue was with Joe's failure to bring her kids to see her as often as she'd like.
"She thought she'd see them right away, but that didn't happen. [Teresa] feels like she'd been cut off from her family."
Joe has also gotten on the bad side of his oldest daughter, Gia.
"Gia refuses to speak to her dad. He went through her cellphone and blew up at her, and now she wants to move out of the house and in with one of her 3KT bandmates."
Teresa and Joe Giudice will continued with prison visitation until Teresa's release early next year.

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