January 28, 2015
Eileen Davidson Says She'd Be 'Moronic' To Invite Brandi Glanville To Her Home Again, Weighs In On Kim & Kyle's Feud

Eileen Davidson did not enjoy Brandi Glanville's reaction to her home. In her latest Bravo blog, the new addition to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spoke of Glanville's behavior during poker night, which included some not-so-nice comments about Davidson's decor, and a nanny recommendation.

"Just to clarify... in Brandi's last blog she said she came to our poker party and was so hungry because it was dinner time and we had no food. Aww. I guess she has to blame someone for her actions. But honestly, folks? It wasn't EXACTLY dinner time. It was between 8:30 and 9:00 PM. And it wasn't a DINNER party. It was a POKER party. A DINNER party is where you sit down at a table and have dinner. A POKER party is where you sit down at a table and play poker."
Throughout the episode, the drama surrounding Eileen Davidson's lack of food quickly died down as the cast was faced with an awkward situation involving Kim Richards. Judging by her behavior, Richards appeared to have fallen off the sobriety wagon, and while she claimed she wasn't drunk or on drugs, no one was convinced -- except for Glanville.

As Kyle Richards got emotional at the thought of Kim possibly having relapsed, and attempted to talk to her in private, Glanville shielded off Kim, as if Kyle was some sort of predator.

"I know sibling relationships are complicated, but I still believe Kyle has her sister's best interests at heart more than Brandi does. What was the point of keeping Kim away from Kyle? Kyle wanted to understand what was happening with her sister. Brandi admitted she was drunk. That's who someone who is trying to stay sober has as her support system? Brandi has her own issues to deal with and watching her with Kim was disturbing and not a healthy combination, IMO."
Watching Glanville drunkenly attempt to prove her friendship with Kim to Kyle and everyone else was quite uncomfortable, and, as Davidson pointed out, not healthy. Why is the tipsiest person in the room smothering the one trying to stay sober?

Eileen Davidson was also bothered by Glanville's nanny recommendation.

"As far as having a nanny (which we don't have, BTW) take Jesse away for the evening? I'm not quite sure where we're supposed to send an 11-year-old boy at 10 PM when we couldn't arrange a sleepover. Nor did Vincent and I think it was necessary. After all, we weren't having a group of Portuguese sailors over for a poker game. It was four women. If we're ever moronic enough to invite Brandi over again, I'll make sure Jesse is safely sequestered away from our property."
In last week's blog, as the Inquisitr reported, Davidson accused Glanville of making things worse between Kim and Kyle, whose relationship was tense prior to the episode.

"Brandi says she wants to help Kim, but it seems that she really wants to make the situation worse," Davidson wrote, according to Real Mr. Housewife.

"I don't get this chick. Why is she trying to drive a wedge between Kim and Kyle?"
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