Teresa Giudice Prison Sentence: Some Danbury Guards Allegedly 'On Power Trips'

Addam Corré

Teresa Giudice knew that her 15-month sentence at the prison facility in Danbury wasn't going to be a bed of roses and a far cry from her luxury mansion in New Jersey.

But, according to the latest report from Radar Online, life inside might even be a whole lot worse than even Teresa herself could have imagined.

Former inmate Beatrice Codianni, who was at Danbury for 14 years, has spoken to the publication a bunch of times regarding what life is actually like there for Teresa Giudice, sharing some interesting and quite worrying "home truths."

Codianni, who is now the managing editor of Reentry Central, said about life at Danbury, "Even though Teresa is not in there with people who murdered anyone, or anyone who is a sex offender, no one would enjoy it there."

Of course prison is no fun, nothing new there, so -- what is so bad about Danbury?

According to the former inmate, "You are told when to eat, when not to eat, you are told when you can use the phone, what to wear and when you can have visits. The food is nothing to write home about. You get meager portions."

On top of the "meager portions," the food that is served is apparently pretty gross, as Codianni revealed, "They have globs of soy stuff. The women who are in the prison are the cooks and they try to do the best they can, but that is part of the punishment."

Despite all that, Codianni thinks that the food is the least of Teresa's problems as there is allegedly an issue with some of the members of staff there. "Danbury's staff can be very unprofessional," Codianni claimed.

"Some of the staff are on power trips and a lot of staff members were ex-military, so they have that kind of mindset. Some go overboard and flip mattresses or throw lockers because someone talked during count — or [because the staff] wants to be mean."