June 29, 2017
Target Launches Plus Size 'Ava & Viv' Clothing Line [Video]

Target fans of plus-size clothing are celebrating the fact that Target has announced Ava & Viv, a new plus-size clothing line that came in the wake of boycotts against Target removing their previous plus-size clothing. One such blog post that got the attention of the Target retailer and gave them a heads-up as to how their buying public was feeling about their decision was written by Chastity Garner, who complained about Target and their choice to not offer beautiful new designers and their lines of clothing in plus sizes.

Now the boycott is over, seeing as though on Wednesday Target introduced the world to Ava & Viv, a pretty new line of fashion items for the plus-size woman who loves to look as good as those who aren't in the target sizes of 14W to 26W, and X to 4X, that Target's new in-house Ava & Viv plus-size clothing will range once it's available online and in stores by mid-February.

The new plus-size clothing line from Target even includes plus-size fashion bloggers as part of their marketing campaign, starring in videos like the above YouTube video that shows off some of the coming Ava & Viv items, as reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which notes that Target enlisted plus-size bloggers to promote the Ava & Viv plus-size clothing. The Target website also gives a preview of some of the plus-size clothing that buyers can expect to find for sale once the launch date has come.

According to the Target description of the "Plus Size Clothing: Dresses, Tops, Jeans, Sweaters: Target" video, the AVA & VIV -- Spring 2015 Collection will be available February 22. Don't expect to find exorbitant prices on the Target plus-size clothing either -- as some retailers have been accused of doing when hiking their plus-size clothing prices higher than their smaller-sized clothing items -- because the Ava & Viv clothing line is priced at $10 to $79.99.

In the video, the bloggers spoke of the effort Target has placed on their new plus-size line, as well as boasting about the opportunity to offer their expertise and feedback about hemlines and other input. As reported by the Inquisitr, talk of plus-size models and clothing can turn controversial, especially when women who appear smaller than a size 10 are deemed plus-sized by the fashion industry, making women feel extra pressure to fit into a certain standard of beauty that some retailers claim tops out at a size 12.

[Image via Target plus-size clothing collection]