December 16, 2016
Did Sam Smith And Disclosure Steal Their Lyrics? Katie Farrah Sopher Says Yes

Ever heard of Katie Farrah Sopher? Neither had most of the world until yesterday, when the Daily Mail broke the story that Sam Smith, Eliza Doolittle, and AlunaGeorge were all being sued by Sopher for more than £200,000, or $303,000.

Sopher alleges that in 2009, she penned the lyrics to "Latch," which was performed by Sam Smith and Disclosure, "You and Me" from Eliza Doolittle and Disclosure, "White Noise" by AlunaGeorge and Disclosure, and "Attracting Flies" by AlunaGeorge. According to Digital Music News, both "White Noise" and "Latch" hit the U.K. charts. Sopher states that the songs were all in a notebook which was stolen by her "abusive ex-boyfriend" Sean Sawyers, who then sold the songs through contacts he had in the music industry.

According to the Fader, Sawyers denies all charges.

"There is zero truth to the claims made against me. I never saw the book the claimant mentions... [so] I could not have committed the alleged damages, theft, copyright infringement."
The Fader also reminded readers of an interview they conducted last year with Jimmy Napes, a frequent collaborator of Sam Smith and Disclosure, where he discussed the inspiration for the lyrics of "Latch."
"I was picturing chasing my girl round this club. Because at the time I was courting my girl, it was just one of those moments where I was trying to find her, and she was just trying to dodge me basically... this is the girl I'm married to now! Most of the songs I've written actually are about her."
The Daily Mail stated that none of the singers involved, or Sopher herself, responded to requests for comment.

Over the weekend, Sam Smith performed live at Montreal.

The songs that were allegedly stolen from Sopher's notebook follow. Hear any similarities? (Be aware that some of these songs have parental advisory labels and may not be safe for work.)

Thus far, social media has seemed mostly unbothered by the accusations; what buzz there is seems to support Sam Smith and the other artists involved.

What are your thoughts on the allegations against Sam Smith and the other performers?