June 29, 2017
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lose To The Detroit Lions As Injuries Mar The Bucs

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, 34-17. The loss was, as ESPN proclaimed, no surprise for the Bucs, calling the team good enough on the defensive end but horrible on offense. One saving grace for Bucs fans is that their beloved team still has the opportunity to perform better next Sunday in their bid against the Carolina Panthers – along with the fact that the Buccaneers are in the running for the first overall pic for the 2015 draft.

Injuries, however, marred hopes for the Bucs pulling out a win against the Lions on December 7. An injury to Gerald McCoy of the Bucs proved to be a jarring hurt to his knee prior to the end of the first quarter – a tense situation that was not serious enough to keep McCoy from returning to the game and closing out the day with two tackles, according to the Associated Press. Lavonte David, a linebacker for the Bucs who missed the previous two games due to a hamstring injury, was also taken out of the game and was evaluated for a potential concussion, said the Bleacher Report.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans on a forum website reacted to news of the injuries, with some Bucs supporters more hopeful than others.

"David is a tough guy, he'll be ok."
David's head injury – which the Tampa Bay Times is calling a concussion at this point – occurred when he took a knee from receiver Calvin Johnson. The star player's condition – coupled with McCoy's injury, caused the most concern among Bucs fans on the forums.
"With David out w/ a concussion and McCoy out w/ a patellar dislocation, it pretty much is guaranteed that the Bucs won't win - so you draftniks can celebrate."
Tampa Bay Bucs fans also voiced their frustration over the timing of the injuries.
"Come on! Just as David is returning. Also, matador move by Michael Johnson."
Others, meanwhile, played armchair quarterback on the forum, giving play-by-play updates that they felt the refs may have missed.
"McCoy was held by the neck on that last play."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr last month, the Bucs tried to get Carson Palmer – a man who said he would have liked to play for Tampa Bay, but ended up with the Cardinals. Despite Palmer's season-ending injury, he plans to return to his team for the 2015 season, one where Bucs fans hope to see improved play from their own team.

[Image credit: Bucsnation.com]