June 29, 2017
White Widow Reportedly Killed By A Russian Sniper

A suspected terrorist, known as the "White Widow," was reportedly shot and killed by a Russian sniper. A native of Ireland, 30-year-old Samantha Lewthwaite is accused of participating in terrorist activities -- including the September 2013 mass shooting at Kenya's Westgate shopping mall.

Lewthwaite was the widow of suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay. In 2005, Lindsay and four others detonated bombs on three London Underground trains. A total of 56 people, including the four terrorists, were killed in the blast.

The White Widow denied prior knowledge of her husband's terrorist activities, and condemned his participation in the attack. In the months following the attack, Samantha Lewthwaite painted herself and her husband as victims. Although she admitted she and Lindsay converted to Islam, she claimed that her husband was coerced into participating in the attacks.

Although she denied any association with terrorism, Lewthwaite's activities following the 2005 bombing suggest otherwise. In 2012, Kenya police confiscated a fraudulent passport belonging to a woman named "Natalie Webb." Authorities noted that the photos bore a striking resemblance to the White Widow.

Upon further investigation, it was learned that "Natalie Webb" was one of many aliases assumed by Samantha Lewthwaite. According to reports, the White Widow used the phony passport to enter into Kenya and join the Al-Shabaab terrorist cell. She is also suspected of involvement with al-Qaeda and ISIS.

As reported by Belfast Telegraph, Lewthwaite is suspected of training female suicide bombers in Syria and being the mastermind behind the attack on Kenya's Westgate shopping mall -- which left 68 people dead.

The White Widow's ties to terrorist activities and attacks made her "one of the world's most wanted terrorists." Facing numerous felony arrest warrants, Lewthwaite apparently fled and had not been seen or heard from in months.

Although she did not have prior ties to the Ukraine, Washington Times reports that the White Widow was fighting with the Ukranian battalion when she was killed. According to reports, Samantha Lewthwaite was gunned down by "a volunteer sniper who came to fight at the Lugansk front from Russia."

Rumors that the White Widow was killed were originally reported by the Regnum news agency in Moscow. However, the reports were not confirmed by authorities in Russia or the Ukraine. Regnum further suggests the "sniper who killed the British terrorist now has a price of nearly one million dollars on his head from Ukrainian special services."

Reports that the White Widow was killed have reached news agencies worldwide. However, authorities have not discussed the rumors or released an official statement about Samantha Lewthwaite's reported death.

[Image via TB Vision]