October 16, 2014
Obama: Ebola Travel Ban From West Africa Addressed, Plan Dismissed As 'Less Effective' [Video]

Obama's Ebola speech was delivered Thursday night following calls for a travel ban that have been made since the first case of Ebola coming to mainland USA. President Obama addressed the Ebola travel ban idea directly, dismissing it as "less effective" than the administration's current plans.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, media reports may claim the Ebola virus "going airborne," but technically that exact scenario is extremely unlikely based upon evolutionary theory. Still, the idea that an airborne Ebola virus might be released upon the world has some Christians worried the plague may be from the Bible's end times description in Revelation. The fear of Ebola has spread rapidly and one news anchor explains there is no reason to fear and has been caused by "irresponsible [news] coverage."

The official response from President Obama on whether the US will implement a travel ban for Ebola came Thursday night. "I don't have a philosophical objection, necessarily, to a travel ban if that is the thing that is going to keep the American people safe," Obama said. "The problem is that in all the discussions I've had, thus far, with experts in the field... is that a travel ban is less effective than the measures we are currently instituting."

Obama noted current protocols call for passengers to be screened when they leave West Africa and when they arrive in the U.S. Other measures require passengers to have their temperatures taken and for government officials to keep records of all passengers flying to affected countries. From conferring with the CDC and experts in the field he believes it would not be the measure to take.

"A travel ban is less effective then the measures we are currently instituting... If we institute a travel ban instead of the protocols we put in place now, history shows there is a likelihood of increased avoidance. People do not readily disclose their information."
President Obama said that if a travel ban was instituted that it would make it more difficult to screen for and detect individuals who have been infected. People may hide the fact they are infected, avoiding screening, and make it more difficult to detect any infected individuals.

What do you think of Obama's Ebola travel ban plans?