October 16, 2014
A Strange Mark Appeared On An Australian Man During Trip To Bali, You Won't Believe What It Was

Australian Dylan Thomas took his first trip to Bali last weekend. However, while in Bali Thomas noticed a strange mark had appeared on his stomach. When the mark began to grow in size, Thomas went to the Bali International Medical Centre to have it looked out. The diagnosis was not what he had expected.

Spider burrows into skin
A photo from Dylan's Facebook page showing the mystery mark.

NT News reports that 21-year-old Dylan awoke after a quiet night in his four and a half star hotel room to find a bizarre red trail two inches from his naval and heading upwards. He said the mark looked as if someone had taken a knife tip and ran it across his body. Later that evening, Dylan noticed that the mark had grew another two to three inches higher. Thomas was concerned so he decided to seek treatment from some local doctors.

He was initially told that he had an insect bite and was given some ointment. However, the next morning when he woke up, the line was worse. It began blistering and burning.

"That's when it became painful, it was a searing burn."
At this point Thomas decided to seek the opinion of a dermatologist. The diagnosis was unusual. A tropical spider had burrowed itself under Dylan's skin through a recent appendix scar. The doctor was able to extract the spider from inside Dylan's body, but noted that the spider had been there for three days!

The spider was only a bit bigger than a "matchstick head," but Dylan said the whole experience was violating.

"It takes a lot to deter me, but I do feel violated. It was a very bizarre experience just to know something like that was in my body for a couple of days."
Dylan still does not know what kind of spider made its home in his body. The doctors put the spider in a container and took it away for testing. Dylan will be informed next week as to what kind of spider "violated" him during his three days in Bali.

Photo taken after the spider removal.
Photo taken after the spider removal.

Thomas is still hopeful that he may gain some Spider-Man superpowers, but according to his Facebook status on Tuesday, he is still not registering any new abilities.

"Well after a very interesting holiday to say the least it's finally time to get my own country, still hoping I'm going to develop superpowers by the time I'm home I'll be highly disappointed if I haven't... Until the next time catch you later Bali."
This isn't the first time spiders have caused a problem for humans. One Missouri family had to leave their home when spiders started oozing out of the walls.