October 16, 2014
Kate Middleton Thinks There's A Spy In The Palace Leaking Royal Secrets

Kate Middleton seems to be in the news headlines daily at the moment, mainly surrounding the extreme morning sickness she has been suffering from during her current pregnancy.

But while the Duchess of Cambridge hasn't been seen in the public eye even once for over two months, having been forced to cancel numerous public engagements due to her condition, she is worried that the public are finding out about her and her two boys (Princes William and George) via a spy who is feeding info to the media from within the palace gates.

The Inquisitr reported back on October 3 that Kate and William sent an angry letter to a freelance photographer, who they lambasted for photographing baby George without permission while he was out on trips with his nanny, or with Kate Middleton.

The report noted that the royals were accusing the less than scrupulous photog of harassment, and placed Prince George under "surveillance" after he was photographed while on a trip to Battersea Park recently.

But a Life & Style report published today goes one step further, suggesting that as well as over-keen photographers and others, there is actually a mole, of some description, within the palace who is sharing royal secrets.

An inside source told the publication about Kate's stance on the matter, "She's paranoid that someone inside the palace is leaking her secrets. It's her worst nightmare."

Seeing as Kate, William, and George come into daily contact with security guards, maids, chefs, drivers, and doormen, it stands to reason that their private conversations, arrangements, and secrets could get leaked.

According to the report, Kate Middleton and Prince William are doing what they can to keep their private life private, and are now apparently taking steps to determine whether or not there is a spy in the royal gates.

The source added, "They're trying desperately to find out who's spying on them by giving out false information to different people. If any of that information comes out, they'll know who's responsible. Kate and William have vowed to do everything in their power to protect George. They will not rest until they find the spy."