October 16, 2014
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Donna Mills Returns As Madeline Reeves With A 'Really Bad Side'

General Hospital has seen the return of Donna Mills as the troubled Madeline Reeves, a character who will have a much darker side in her return to the show.

Mills re-joined the cast of General Hospital this month, but her character may not be ready to own up to her past. Reeves accidentally put her daughter Nina in a coma close to two decades ago, and apparently still has some unfinished business.

As Donna Mills revealed in a recent interview, her character may be a bit more complicated and a lot darker.

"She's going to have more than one side. I think she's got a really bad side. I mean, she's kind of blind to the stuff she's done that's bad," Mills said of her character.

In an interview back in March, Mills implied that her character's "bad side" could be coming out during a quest to get her hands on her daughter's money.

From TV Guide:

"There are so many great twists and turns to this story," says Mills. "As I read the scripts, I keep going, 'Really? Really?' Madeline believes Silas married Nina for her money and family name. He didn't want a wife, he wanted a scholarship fund. Now he's a successful doctor and doesn't need [the money]." But Madeline sure does. "She is feeling kind of paranoid," notes Mills. "Her husband died and left her and her son absolutely nothing. All the money went to Nina. So now it's Madeline's mission to get Silas to give up that inheritance."

Mills said she loves her story line, but did reveal one difficulty she has -- the breakneck pace of filming a soap opera.

"I hate the pace!" Mills laughs. "Are you kidding me? Who would like this? No, it's terrible! You have no chance to rehearse and feel it and get it and everything like that. It's all by the seat of your pants. I give all the actors who do it every single day a lot of credit, because it's hard!"

Mills gave fans a bit of an inside look at General Hospital filming this week, sharing a picture of herself with Michelle Stafford, who plays Nina Clay.

Donna Mills has not given fans any more spoilers on her story line, so General Hospital fans will have to tune in if they want to see just how "bad" Madeline Reeves can get.