October 16, 2014
Ebola Virus Outbreak In Texas: Fox News' Shepard Smith Destroys The Fearmongering In Video

The Ebola virus is an extremely deadly disease that has some Americans up in arms, demanding that President Barack Obama issue an order to close the borders and ground all flights. Since the discovery of two cases in Dallas, there has been non-stop coverage from cable news. Many questions have been asked. Is there an Ebola outbreak in the United States? Is the government responding? But the big question is: should we worry? Fox News Shepherd Smith on Wednesday gave a response to destroy the fearmongering.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a group of news panelists want victims sent to special camps and not to regular hospitals. The video shows the media frenzy that has been created over Ebola. The Ebola cases in Europe have also caused some consternation since several people have died, and one Spanish nurse managed to contract the deadly disease from her patients.

Ebola is most contagious when the carrier is showing symptoms. If there are no symptoms then, they are not contagious. Both nurses who contracted Ebola were exposed to the dying medical worker when he was most contagious.

It was just recently reported the second Texas nurse with Ebola flew the night before symptoms appeared. This has caused great fear over whether those aboard were all exposed. Again, she flew before symptoms appeared. Despite reports to the contrary, the Ebola virus is not "directly" airborne and can only be transmitted by bodily fluid such as saliva, blood, or vomit. So if she was showing symptoms to spread it to everyone on the plane it would have required every individual to have been sneezed or bled on to expose the whole plane. The CDC is reporting that it is not likely that it was passed on to anyone in the flight, but they are still calling everyone who was aboard.

The biggest question is when should there be concern of exposure? Smith gives a very simple answer.

"Unless a medical professional has contacted you personally and told you of some sort of possible exposure, fear not... Do not listen to the hysterical voices on the radio and the television or read the fear-provoking words online. The people who say and write hysterical things are being very irresponsible."
The severe symptoms and resulting death is very frightening, but even if you were possibly exposed in the US, some wonder if you could contract it? The answer, not likely. The Ebola virus is very difficult to contract and incubates for a relatively short time—which means that no one spends months or years as a symptom-free carrier. Proper isolation facilities in modern hospitals mean that if a person does fall ill here, the virus can be contained.

The first nurse who contracted the virus is doing well in a hospital and said she "is blessed to have such great support and medical care."

Smith also pointed out "the best thing you can do is get a flu shot." Last year more than 52,000 Americans died from the flu.

Taking into consideration of these facts what do you think of the coverage of Ebola virus outbreak?