June 29, 2017
Windows 9 Preview: Will The Desktop Start Menu Make Its Comeback?

The Windows 9 preview was scheduled for Tuesday, when Microsoft was set to tell the world what the new operating system would entail. However, the world got a tiny sneak peak ahead of schedule, and things are looking promising.

According to PC World, the Windows 9 preview was leaked over the weekend when a landing page for "Windows TH" appeared on TechNet, Microsoft's information portal for IT pros. The landing page had a headline which reportedly read "Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise."

When Windows 8 first appeared, many were interested in the new layout, which focused on the new touch-centric Start screen, a feature which seemed interesting, but has become a more despised feature as the months move forward.

Many users were left wanting their old desktop and Start menus back. According to USA Today, Windows 8 has been updated in an attempt to make it more comfortable for people who prefer traditional "mouse-and-keyboard" interactions, but something was still missing.

While there is little known about the Windows 9 update as of this reporting, there are some promising facts floating around! One of those facts that will likely have consumers buzzing with joy is the return of the more traditional Start Menu.

The Windows 9 preview suggested that the new Start Menu will be a kind of merge between Windows 7 and Windows 8, meaning that users could have a more traditional Start Menu with some of the Windows 8 apps to the right of the menu. According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, the Windows 9 update will reportedly be free to those who already use Windows 8.

What dose social media have to say about these new Windows 9 previews? Just take a look for yourself.

[Image via Twitter]