June 29, 2017
Portia De Rossi Pregnant? Ellen DeGeneres About To Become A Mom, Divorce Not Happening

Are Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres about to become first time parents? After months of rumors that the celebrity couple's six year marriage is headed to divorce court, Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Portia is pregnant and they are not splitting up.

Of course, it's likely that Ellen and Portia don't know anything about the baby they are rumored to be expecting because Celeb Dirty Laundry's source is none other than the cover of Star Magazine. The grocery store tabloid plastered a photo of the happy couple on the cover of their most recent issue, showing Ellen's hand carefully placed over Portia's stomach.

The captions under the photo, including "Portia's already gained 10 pounds!" and "How they picked the Dad!" are so laughable that they should make it into the standup comedy portion of DeGeneres' popular talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The tabloid's sources were apparently able to get private information about Ellen and Portia's "non-famous sperm donor" and state that Portia's pregnancy news has saved their failing marriage.

Portia De Rossi pregnant

Star isn't the only gossip rag spreading baby news rumors about Ellen and Portia. In July, In Touch Weekly claimed that Portia tried to convince Ellen to have children, something that she apparently doesn't want, by putting together a video full of Ellen interviewing cute kids.

Portia de Rossi's pregnancy rumors and reports that the couple is heading to divorce court are all fueled by hearsay. Without an official confirmation from Ellen's reps, it's likely that fans of Ellen's show won't be attending a studio audience baby shower in the immediate future.

Ellen recently joked about the couple's relationship problems during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video above). DeGeneres told Kimmel that she read that she was getting a divorce and when she told her wife, "she was sad. We were both so sad."

Baby or no baby, The Daily Mail reports that Ellen Degeneres, 56, and wife Portia de Rossi, 41, looked "as happy as ever" at a celebrity event in Hollywood on Saturday night. The couple was all smiles when they posed for photos on the red carpet and walked hand-in-hand into the event. Portia looked far from pregnant in a fitted off-white pantsuit with a slim bow-tie belt, but she did look happily married.

While Portia de Rossi's pregnancy is likely just another rumor, there is no doubt in Ellen's mind that she has no intentions of leaving her wife, telling People, "'The truth is, and this is corny, I fall more in love with Portia all the time."

[Images: ABC Twitter, Daily Mail]