June 29, 2017
LeBron James Hair Plugs? Cavaliers Star Debuts Fuller Hairline At Launch Of New Shoe

LeBron James appears to have taken all those receding hairline jokes to heart.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star, who has seen has once full head of hair grow smaller and smaller during his time in the NBA, now seems to be doing something about it. At a launch of his new shoe, the LeBron 12, he appeared to many to also be debuting a new hairline.

LeBron's hairline has been something of a running joke, with pictures showing the slow progression of his headband as his hair moved backward.

At the event, LeBron James kept the focus on the shoe, his first new one with Nike since re-joining the Cavaliers this summer.

"I would like this shoe," he joked. "But I love it because it has my name and logo on it."

The shoe is LeBron's 12th since he signed with Nike in 2003, just after leaving high school. The newest one has hexagonal cushions on the soles and retails for $200.

James has even more hype around his return to Cleveland, who he famously scorned in 2010 with a televised special in which he announced he was signing with the Miami Heat. Unlike LeBron's earlier days in Cleveland, where he shouldered almost all of the workload alone, LeBron now has fellow All-Stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, along with a strong cast of supporting players.

"I'm looking forward to being back in downtown Cleveland -- where I belong," James said.

LeBron had also turned into something of a one-man show for the Miami Heat by the end of his tenure, picking up the slack for an injured Dwyane Wade and a poorly utilized Chris Bosh and again carrying the team to the NBA Finals.

Maybe, with the new supporting cast and the weight off his shoulders, LeBron James didn't need hair plugs at all. Maybe the lack of stress is allowing the hair to grow back naturally.

[Image via Twitter]