November 18, 2016
'Monday Night Raw': WWE's Former Jewel Is Now Everything That's Wrong

It's Sunday night, which means the WWE Universe is less than 24 hours away from the next installment of Monday Night Raw. There was a time when the hours between Sunday and Monday night were the most exciting for any wrestling fan. Especially if a Pay Per View aired on Sunday night. For many fans, those days of excitement gave way to an endless cycle of disappointment.

WWE fans have complained about many things recently, from the constant shilling of the floundering WWE Network on Monday Night Raw and other programs ("Only $9.99!") to constant refusal to take the most interesting angle of a storyline because it just wouldn't do for the main hero to look weak.

So where is the WWE going wrong? It isn't the talent. Watch any episode of Monday Night Raw and you'll see a roster of men and women willing and able to perform for thousands of fans. Most recently, the blame has fallen on the writing staff.

In a recent column in The Post & Courier, Mike Mooneyham noted that the storytelling seems to have just fallen away from WWE programing, a disappearance most clearly seen on flagship show Monday Night Raw. As Mooneyham points out, new WWE fans are about two generations away from the last time championship titles had significant meaning and "bad acting took a back seat to organic oratory."

As previously reported by The Inqusitr, retired manager Jim Cornette took WWE and WWE creative (the writing staff) to task after a 28-page script for Monday Night Raw was leaked on the internet. The script was detailing, listing everything every performer was meant to say on that episode of Raw. Cornette blames the downfall of WWE on comedy writers and the scripts they brought into professional wrestling.

"In OVW if wrestlers or crew called the format a "script" I took them off the show until they learned better," Cornette said.

Meanwhile, the lack of compelling storytelling has given dedicated Raw watchers too much time to nitpick on Monday nights. Fans have commented on slipping in-ring quality from some wrestlers who are billed as the most popular wrestlers on the card. Fans have commented on slipping story and wrestling quality on other shows as well. The complaints come repeatedly, and the problem is likely to get worse with so many WWE Superstars being cycled out for WWE Studios film projects.

Hopefully the WWE gets back to its roots soon so fans can go back to waiting all day for Monday night.