September 3, 2014
Eating Cheetos — With Chopsticks? Yes, And Here Are Five Other Secrets Of Better Snack Food

Whatever your favorite snack food, chances are there's a better way to eat it. And that's why you have us, your good friends at The Inquisitr. We bet you never thought of eating Cheetos with chopsticks. Well, after this video, you may never eat the super-popular junk food any other way.

And, you'll understand why chopsticks are the best way to eat Cheetos.

In this video from our snack-obsessed comrades at BuzzFeed, you'll get that tip and five more gems of advice on how to better enjoy your favorite snack foods, from ice cream to grilled cheese.

Actually, the grilled cheese tip even has us shaking our heads. We try to be pretty careful around toasters, you know with the high heat and electrical current and all, and — well, watch the video and you'll see what we mean.

You'll also see why you should breathe into the plastic bag you use to store leftover salad greens — as weird as it seems to blow your breath all over food. Maybe that one's better if you make sure you're not coming down with a cold first.

Anyway, take notes on this 90-second BuzzFeed video and you'll never approach a BLT The same way again.