September 3, 2014
WWE News: Huge Update On Jake 'The Snake' Roberts' Health, Taken Off Ventilator

Last week, the wrestling world took another hit as Jake "the Snake" Roberts found himself in a hospital bed, trying to fight for his life. He was on a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada when the proverbial garbage hit the fan. Signs of dehydration set in, as well as difficulty breathing. Later, the WWE Hall of Famer was diagnosed with double pneumonia.

Roberts was immediately taken to the ICU at the Las Vegas-hospital.

The last update the Inquisitr was able to provide informed the WWE Universe that Roberts was living with a brain abnormality. The WWE legend's agent told the media of the startling news, which then caused the WWE fans to join together in hopes that Roberts could make a full recovery. One thing his lawyer stressed to everyone was that his past with drugs and alcohol had no bearing on the brain defect.

That being said, Sinn Bodhi, former-WWE wrestler Kizarny, updated everybody on the condition on Jake "the Snake" Roberts. Instead of the consistent negativity surrounding his condition, this post helped spread best wishes for Roberts.

"UPDATE on Jake The Snake Roberts: Great news!… Docs took Jake off ventilator way earlier then expected! He is kicking ass on his spirometer breathing tests…If he keeps up this pace he will not need to go back on Ventilator so everyone please cross your fingers! Jake finally can speak for the first time since last Wed… Late last night (while still ventilated & unable to speak) one of the male nurses took a bandage off of Jake's neck where they have tubes for his meds…"
Kizarny continued by talking about Roberts' being very unpleasant with the whole situation. He wrote on a pad three letters synonymous with his wrestling past, "D-D-T." Clearly, Roberts is trying to reach his old self once again. The doctors will keep a close eye on Roberts for the next 24-48 hours, so they can confirm it is safe for Roberts to stay off the ventilator.

The first thing Roberts wanted when he could speak were steak, a milkshake, eggs and donuts. Even at the brink of health, the Snake continues to put smiles on the WWE Universe, without even trying. While joking with a nurse, Roberts without skipping a beat said, "I'd do anything for a donut if I had to."

While it is still a scary situation, nobody is stronger than Roberts at this point in time. He is taking the situation with bravery and courage. If he gets clearance, I'm sure the WWE legend will entertain for the masses once again. That's far away, but I'm not the only one thinking with high optimism.

Be on the lookout for fake reports coming in about Jake "the Snake" Roberts. It appears that Kizarny has the most accurate news. He was able to speak for the first time in a week. Hopefully, Roberts will only get better from here. It's time for the WWE fans to join together and wish for a speedy recovery of Roberts.

Tweet him, send him letters, or anything of that nature, because the WWE Universe is the strongest group of fans in the world. Let's prove it.

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