September 3, 2014
Cops To Robin Thicke "Your Music Is Too Loud!"

Robin Thicke was ticketed by cops for playing his music entirely too loud. The incident happened on Labor Day at his Hollywood Hills home on Monday evening. A source at the police department told TMZ exclusively, that neighbors had complained to local cops that Robin Thicke's music was too loud.

When the Los Angles Police Department arrived at Robin Thicke's home, the singer, who was noticeably drunk, was asked to turn down his music. Robin Thicke did eventually lower his music but blasted it again once law enforcement officers left.

Robin Thicke's 'turn down for what' attitude was apparent as officers once again asked him to lower his music. This time, however, LAPD cops gave him a ticket. According to TMZ's source, Robin Thicke told the officer's he was sorry and agreed to be more quiet.

Thicke is no doubt doing anything possible to get over the break up with the love of his life, Paula Patton. The blue-eyed soul singer and songwriter separated from wife Paula Patton in February 2014, after rumors of him kissing another woman and photographs of him dancing with other women surfaced, according to the Huffington Post. The Jungle Fever-esque couple had been married since 2005 and had known each other since the early 1990's. They announced the split in People's Magazine.

"We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time, the couple said in an issued statement to the public."
Close sources to Robin Thicke know that he has had a hard time getting over Paula Patton, with whom he has a son named Julian, according to an earlier report by the Inquisitr. His sadness surrounding the breakup has been expressed in his songs such as "Get Her Back," and in his on-stage performances, where Thicke has become visible upset at times. Here is what the California native stated in an interview with "Quake's House" about the song and the split with wife Paula Patton.
"It was the first song that I wrote after you know we got separated. () I wrote a whole album in about a month because I had a lot in my heart, lotta things I wanted to say.() She's a very special woman, so the album is dedicated to the woman who inspired it."
Even Robin Thicke and Paula Patton fans have been extremely vocal about their desire to see the couple get back together.

"Pray!!!!! Robin and Paula. You have come this far this is only a test."

"No matter how we feel about them personally, a little boy has to deal with the stress of his parents getting divorced, leaving emotional scars."

However it turns out, the public is hopeful that Robin Thicke won't let his separation from his one true love ruin the rest of his life with over drinking, excessive partying and run-ins with the cops. Fans say they want to see Robin Thicke and his rock star 'bod' for many years to come.