September 3, 2014
Police Warn Justin Bieber Driving On Sidewalk Jeopardizes 'Other People's Safety'

Police have slammed Justin Bieber for illegally driving his Can-Am Spyder three-wheeler on a sidewalk earlier this week.

The 20-year-old star was photographed and filmed driving his Can-Am Spyder motorcycle on a sidewalk in Beverly hills on Thursday afternoon, August 21.

While Bieber drove slowly on the sidewalk and did not "almost hit" an old woman or anyone else, the ride was illegal and the incident could have caused an accident if a pedestrian had suddenly crossed his path.

To watch the video of Bieber's illegal ride, click the highlight.

Now, the Canadian's Can-Am joyide has generated a warning from the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Speaking to E! News, a police spokesperson described Justin's 3-wheeler folly a "vehicle code violation, which is an infraction."

They added: "We highly encourage Mr. Bieber to stay off the sidewalk and remain in traffic. This is incredibly unsafe. He's putting other people's safety in jeopardy."

As previously reported, the flannel shirt and jeans-clad "Baby" singer mounted his bike onto the sidewalk to get around backed up traffic.

Did Justin Bieber 'Almost Hit' A Disabled Woman Riding A Motorbike On A Los Angeles Sidewalk

(Photo: Bieber on his Can-Am Spyder motorcycle..)

During the 77-second video shot by a paparazzo tailing the singer from a moving vehicle on Wilshire Boulevard, the photog's commentary appears overly dramatic.

From the start, Justin drives extremely slowly along the sidewalk. Cue the photog:

"He's going on the sidewalk. Oh my God!"

Another "Oh my God!" follows seconds later, for no apparent reason – other than the same illegality – and occurs at the same time that the Canadian slowed even further to a crawl to greet a young woman on the curb.

Bieber then rode his Spyder from the curb onto a street at an intersection by a set of lights.

He kept an illegal, but slow and clear distance from the old woman with a walker and a man seen walking with two boys, before rejoining his three pals on bikes who had stayed in the traffic.

The claim that the singer "almost hit" the senior citizen is -- arguably - not borne out by the footage.

However, Bieber is serving a two years probation sentence --- after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor vandalism charge -- related to the egging of his former neighbour's L.A. home in January.

By now, the singer should know that his every move is being watched by paparazzi, hoping for exactly the kind of footage he delivered on Thursday.

A nightmare way to live? Unquestionably. But that's fame in the 24/7 news cycle and it has no intention of changing.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: The Biebs steps out for sushi in Studio City, California, Friday, August 22.)

On Friday, the newly-coiffed and 'stache-less singer was spotted in pink adidas NEO kicks, for a lunch date with pals at Sushi Dan in Studio City, California.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: The star with fans at Malibu Creek on August 22.)

That same day, Justin also went cliff-jumping in Malibu Creek. Photos of the star posing with other visitors to the area surfaced online later.

Justin Bieber

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