June 29, 2017
'NCIS' Season 12 Spoilers: New Super Villain To Challenge Newly Vulnerable Gibbs?

With the Season 12 NCIS premiere still more than two moths away, fans are grasping for any spoilers they can get their hands on. But as the September 23 bow of the highly rated CBS crime series inches closer, those spoilers have been hard to come by.

The fact that Season 11 ended with no major cliffhanger also sets up the series to do more character development than ever before, with no dangling plot lines to resolve and no lives to be immediately saved — or lost.

The latest rumors, however, are intriguing, as they suggest that Agent Gibbs could be facing his strongest enemy yet — at a time when he is in his most weakened state.

According to this rumor, Gibbs will have not yet moved on from the death of his father in Season 11. As Season 12 opens, the spoiler rumor has it, Gibbs is confronting his own mortality, realizing that he is not as invincible as he previously believed. The self-doubt that can creep in during this kind of introspection leaves any person weaker, and Leroy Jethro Gibbs will be no exception — if the Season 12 spoiler speculation proves accurate.

But at the same time, a parallel rumor asserts, the show plans to introduce a new foe for Gibbs and the NCIS crew, a foe so formidable he — or she — could be described as a super villain. How Gibbs deals with this new threat while at the same time, coming to grips with his personal crisis, could possibly provide the emotional core for at least the early part of the 24-episode NCIS Season 12, which begins filming later this month.

The big question, and one The Inquisitr has confronted before, is what will happen to Ziva David? Of course, a large part of the answer depends on the 34-year-old fan favorite actress and Chilean native Cote de Pablo, who departed the series before season 11 to pursue a film career.

The Latin Post this week proposed three reasons why it believes Cote de Pablo will return to NCIS sometime in Season 12, even if only for a sweeps-month, ratings-inflating cameo.

First, Tony and Ziva, The Latin Post says, have no closure. Fans have no idea where the state of their relationship lies. The show's writers need ti resolve that all-important point.

Second — ratings! The dramatic return of Cote de Pablo and Ziva to NCIS would send the show's already sky-high ratings through the roof. That temptation would seem too great for CBS to resist, and the network will likely bend over backward to bring Ziva back for at least an NCIS episode or two.

Finally, Ziva lives! How often do TV characters who are not definitively killed off by a show's writers fail to make at least a brief comeback? Not very often.

As long as Ziva remains alive, theres hope that Cote de Pablo will be back on NCIS during Season 12. That may be the most sought-after spoiler of all.